Chitosan: benefits and properties to lose weight

For those people who are currently doing weight control diets, the chitosanis undoubtedly a good remedy great known by the Phytotherapy; as we saw yesterday, a therapy that consists of using the medicinal properties of the plants themselves to prevent or, in some cases, treat various diseases.

Chitosan is a product derived from chitin, a totally natural polymer extracted from the cuticles of certain marine crustaceans, constituting itself as the second most abundant natural polymer after cellulose.

Due to its mechanism of action, it has become a great ally when it comes to carrying out a weight control diet, since, after ingestion, this substance reaches the stomach where it attracts the different lipids that, after get trapped in its structure, are eliminated through excretion.

In such a way that part of the ingested fat becomes nonabsorbable, so its caloric value is totally zero.

It has been known that chitosan can capture up to 5 times its own weight in fat, inhibiting the absorption of approximately one 15 or 20% of the fat that we ingest through the feeding.

What is chitosan?

The chitosan is a product derived from chitin, a totally natural polymer that is extracted from marine crustacean cuticles, being the second most abundant natural polymer after cellulose.

It is a product that has no side effects, so its use has been applied even to different fields directly or indirectly related to health: from biochemistry to medicine, through cosmetics and nutrition itself.

Benefits and properties of chitosan

The chitosan It is characterized because it is not absorbed or directed, so it does not add calories to the daily diet.

Moreover, when it reaches the stomach and is in an acid medium, it is able to trap the lipids present here, so that they will be eliminated through excretion.

For this reason, the use of chitosan is recommended as a coadjuvant in weight reduction diets, since part of the fat that we ingest through the diet becomes non-absorbable when caught by this product, so they have a value null caloric

The chitosan is ideal in diets to lose weight

The chitosan It becomes one of the most interesting natural products as a nutritional or nutritional supplement in slimming diets, mainly because it is able to trap fats for later elimination.

You can find it in herbalists or specialized dietary stores, and its consumption is extremely simple, since you can buy it in the form of capsules, which can be easily taken with a large glass of water.

It is also convenient to take between 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, not only because it helps in its correct absorption, but also because it is useful to purify our body internally.

Other properties of chitosan

In addition to the benefits of chitosan to lose weight and lose weight, did you know that it also provides other interesting properties? For example, it is useful for:

  • Reduce high cholesterol and triglycerides:In case of high cholesterol, the chitosan also provides useful qualities for health, thanks to the fact that by helping our body not absorb the fats that we find in the different foods that we consume, it helps us in turn to reduce LDL cholesterol levels, the time HDL (or good) cholesterol increases.
  • Lowers high blood pressure:In case of high blood pressure, chitosan is also a very interesting natural product, since it helps in a very positive way when it comes to reducing high blood pressure.
  • Ideal against helicobacter pylori and against fungi:In case of infection by Helicobacter PyloriThe truth is that the chitosan is very interesting, thanks to the fact that it helps fight the infection. In addition, it helps to reduce the ability of fungi to reproduce.

How to take chitosan and where to find it

The truth is we can find chitosan easily in herbalists and diet stores, where the most common and usual is to buy it in containers and bottles with chitosan extract in capsules.

Thus, the most appropriate thing is to follow the indications that you will find in the container you have purchased. However, the most usual thing is to always take it before each meal, that is, immediately before we go to eat.

Contraindications of chitosan

We must bear in mind that chitosan is obtained directly from the cuticles of marine crustaceans, which is why its consumption should be avoided by people allergic to shellfish. This article is published for informational purposes only.You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesSlimming Food