Christmas sadness: tips to overcome it

Party, joy and fun. They are characteristic of Christmas, but also the sadness for longing, loss of a loved one, separation, or because, simply, these days make us more melancholic than normal.

It is important to overcome and deal with such situations because, otherwise, this can lead to a depression before and after Christmas. Write down our tips to stop negative thoughts during the holidays.

Useful tips to overcome the Christmas sadness

Make others feel special

It's time to make the people around us more special. But not only making gifts, but being by his side, going to the movies, contributing what he really needs and making others happy.

This is a kind of reciprocal good that many psychologists advise to put into practice to increase self-esteem and feel useful. Among the thousands of actions that can be done during these days, it is important to help others, that is, the most disadvantaged, by accompanying the needy in their tasks, forming part of food banks or volunteering actions.

Surround yourself with loved ones

Of our partner, our children, family or friends most loved. With these we can organize dinners, parties and other actions, as outputs. It is important not to be alone in the hardest moments, although you have to know how to live with sadness in a short period of time.

Excursions, trips ... breaking the norm

Although there are many people who go on holiday during the Christmas season, the tradition marks the passing of Christmas Eve with the family or a party at the end of the year. If thinking about these situations can increase sadness, then it's time to do different things. It is not to run away from reality, it is to have a better time.

Breaking the rules is also valid and one can make trips, to stay in a rural house, to make excursions to natural parks, to do sport ... In short, to do what you want without being subjected to the Christmas actions.

Visit the professional before Christmas

If we have spent it for years and do not know how to face the sadness at Christmas, it may be time to go to the professional who helps us to channel the holidays much better. This must be done before to put into practice those practices that the professional advises.

good thoughts

The longing and the thought that everything was better before can lead to a spiral of negative feelings and thoughts that, at times, is difficult to control. Learning to redirect negativity is the only way to be more optimistic.

To focus on positive things, we will think about how good we are, what makes us happy, about distractions, about singing, dancing or looking for inspirations to make the moments when we foresee that we can fall more bearable.

Remembering those who are not

A large part of people often have a hard time at Christmas when remembering those people who are no longer there. Feeling some sadness is normal, but to overcome it we can dedicate a moment of the day to that person.

Find a photo or a memory and be happy with the happy moments that have passed by your side. Outside of this moment of the day we should focus on dinners, meals and other things because we have already set aside a time to remember, even if this person is always present in our mind.

Mark a list of good purposes

It's a pretty hectic action when we start a new year. But drawing a list of what we want to achieve helps us meet a series of goals in life. This leads us to move, to desire things and purposes and to focus on everything that makes us forget what makes us sadder.

We can start this list, why not, at the moment when Christmas starts and not wait at the beginning of the year, and put it into practice immediately.

No to family conflicts

In addition to stress, some family gatherings can make us sad. It is better to avoid all kinds of disagreements. For this, games, entertaining conversations or comments on television programs are feasible. They are distractions that end with monotony and family arguments. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist. ThemesChristmas

Feeling the Holiday Blues? Tips for Managing Stress and Sadness (May 2024)