Cinnamon and honey: benefits of taking 1 tablespoon each day

If there are two extremely beneficial and nutritious foods in terms of their content of essential nutrients, the cinnamon and the honey stand out precisely for being two delicious options that also combined together become a powerful natural remedy that helps us improve our health, especially if we consume them regularly every day.

In this sense, this home remedy is very simple: you just have to consume a spoonful of cinnamon every day and honey, and in a very short time you can begin to enjoy all its qualities, virtues and most important properties.

It treats as it is to imagine of a powerful remedy but that emphasizes by a thing: its tremendous facility and simplicity at the time of preparing it, since you only need raw quality honey and cinnamon powder. And if its elaboration is simple, when it comes to enjoying its qualities, it is even more so.

The properties of cinnamon and honey taken every day

We are without doubt in front of two foods with incredible benefits for our health, which consumed each day in the amounts indicated in the next sections will help us when it comes to enjoying better health. And, of course, of the properties that contribute together:

Helps to reinforce defenses naturally

Cinnamon and honey are two powerful foods ideal to improve the functioning of our immune system, since they help in a totally natural way when it comes to increasing and reinforcing our defenses.

Very positive for your cardiovascular health

Whether you have circulation problems or have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, the truth is that This remedy is very useful to care for and protect your cardiovascular health, by improving circulation, reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood, and also becomes an ideal option to strengthen the health of your heart.

Ideal against fatigue and exhaustion

If you tend to work or study for long hours, and you feel usually tired and / or exhausted, this natural remedy is very useful when you feel tired because it allows you to get energy thanks to its toning qualities, ideal therefore when revitalizing our body.

Useful to rest better at night

If for a while this part is difficult for you to get to sleep or you suffer from insomnia and it is very difficult for you to rest as you would need to take a spoonful of this remedy will help you rest and sleep better at night, especially when you take it with a relaxing infusion.

It helps you lose weight

Although honey is a very caloric food because of its high sugar content, when combined with cinnamon is useful to activate our metabolism, helping us to eliminate the excess of fats present in our body.

How to prepare cinnamon and honey and how to take it?

As we mentioned before, the truth is that the preparation of this home remedy stands out precisely because it is as simple as it is simple. In fact, as you would expect, you only need two ingredients: honey and cinnamon, but let's go in parts.

It is very important that honey is of the highest quality, avoiding those honeys that have been cooked at high temperatures or those that are not organic (which means that they have added some type of additive or substance in order to keep them liquid). The same goes for cinnamon, being preferable that it is of ecological culture.

To prepare this remedy you just have to mix honey and cinnamon in a bowl or bowl, mixing with the help of a wooden spoon until you obtain a thick mixture. Once prepared, you can store it in a glass container that is tightly closed, and keep it in a cool and dry place.

At the time of taking it you only have to take each day a tablespoon of the mixture of cinnamon and honey. Children can also enjoy their qualities, but remember that children under 2 should not take honey. Therefore, from 3 years old you can choose a dessert spoonful (small).

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