Cinnamon: properties and benefits

Surely you will agree with us if we affirm that there is nothing more exquisite and delicious than a good dessert with cinnamon, which stands out for being extremely aromatic and with a very characteristic smell.

The cinnamon tree is a perennial tree of the Lauraceae family, which is mainly characterized by aromatic branches of double bark.

According to tradition, cinnamon has its origin in Sri Lanka and southern India, although it is also true that we found it cultivated in a large number of warm places in the world.

And, precisely, it also stands out because there are many properties of the cinnamon, which in turn has important Benefits and virtues for health.

Properties of cinnamon

The cinnamon It has anti-ulcer, carminative, stomach and anti-vomiting properties. All this thanks to the oils that it contains, and that dissolve the foods better, stimulating the salivation and, therefore, the gastric juices.

Therefore, cinnamon is used in cases of gas or flatulence (aerophagia), heavy digestion, acidity of the stomach and as an appetite stimulant.

It also has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties, being useful against various respiratory diseases, such as influenza ( home remedies for flu), cough ( home remedies for cough), and colds ( home remedies for colds).

In addition, it is commonly used in the treatment of poor peripheral circulation in the fingers and toes, by improving circulation and increasing body temperature.

It is also used in case of difficult menstruation, vaginal infections, to combat bad breath and respiratory infections.

Benefits of cinnamon

  • Carminative, stomachic, antivomitive, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and anti-ulcer properties.
  • Useful in heavy or difficult digestions, stomach acidity, gas cases (aerophagia).
  • Ideal against coughs, colds and flu; as well as for respiratory infections.
  • For women, useful in cases of difficult menstruation or vaginal infections.
  • Good against bad breath.

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Health Benefits of Cinnamon (March 2024)