Colgate Total toothpaste contains a supposedly carcinogenic chemical

As we have been recently aware, it seems that Food and Drug Administration America (FDA), would be in these precise moments investigating if the triclosan, one of the Chemicals Found in Colgate toothpaste, might cause the growth of cancer cells.

Indeed, on Colgate's own website, in the section in which the company indicates the components of its toothpastes, it collects among the active ingredients a 0.3% triclosan.

In case of doubt, the company has defended that its toothpaste Colgate Total it is in fact safe, and that the rigorous analysis that the FDA carried out in 1997 has already passed. But, why do these doubts exist now?

The truth is that the doubts began to emerge after earlier this year the American FDA published a series of reports that would show that, in reality, the agency only relied on the scientific version that contributed at the time Colgate, without taking out all the necessary tests.

In 1997, while it is true that the FDA document revealed its concern about the presumed danger of triclosan, the reality was that it was enough for the Colgate company to claim that this chemical was only dangerous in large doses. And period. No further analysis was performed.

After 17 years, in these years they have been discovering some of the harmful effects of triclosan. To give just one example, among the diverse investigations that have recently been published, they collect Bone and fetal malformations in mice and rats that have been exposed to the chemical, which seems a sign that this chemical would alter the endocrine system and good hormonal functioning.

Not only do we find triclosan in Colgate Total toothpaste

The reality is that, to this day, triclosan is not only found in Colgate Total toothpaste. Until 2011, Colgate itself used this chemical in its Softsoap liquid soap, but finally decided to eliminate it.

In fact, today we find it in around 200 products, from pet food dispensers to carpets.

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