Colic: symptoms, causes and treatment

The Colic They are characterized by being extremely painful episodes that are produced by the obstruction of either the gallbladder (know more about the gallstones), or kidney and urinary canal.

For this reason, Colic symptoms They tend to be very different depending on the area affected, since in case of being a biliary colic, the pain is concentrated in the right part of the abdomen (and goes from the shoulder blades to the ribs on the right side), and if it is a renal colic the pain tends to expand towards the lower back, the inner side of the thigh and the genitals.

Knowing not only their symptom, but the main ones causes of colic, as well as its treatmentIt can be very useful, especially if you are a person who tends to suffer them continuously.

Symptoms of colic

The Colic symptoms depend on the affected area:

  • Symptoms of biliary colic: The most characteristic symptom tends to present as intense pain that is concentrated in the right part of the abdomen, and that goes from the shoulder blades to the ribs of the right side.
  • Symptoms of kidney colic: Also known as renal colic, the pain expands towards the lower back, the inner side of the world and the genitals.

Causes of colic

  • Causes of biliary colic: The main cause is usually due to excess cholesterol, although it can also appear as a consequence of the narrowing of the pathways through which bile circulates. Likewise, also the blows in the liver, the hypocaloric diets or helping more than 8 hours can also cause their appearance.
  • Causes of nephritic colic: The main cause is the accumulation of dissolved salts in the urine, either by a blood clot or by pus. In turn, they can cause chronic kidney infection.

How is your treatment?

Generally the treatment of colic it is based on the injection of antispasmodics that help to expel the stones, being possible that it also prescribes the patient analgesics.

However, if the stones are not completely removed, it is likely that the doctor will try to dissolve them with the help of other drugs or through the use of ultrasound.

You can know more about how purify the kidneys, how purify the gallbladder, and how purify the liver. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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