Consequences for the health of eating like Adam Richman, of 'Carnivorous Chronicles'

Surely you've already found it on TV, doing some zapping or knowing some of their videos through the Internet. Is called Adam Richman, and from December 3, 2008 to 2012 he was the presenter of Carnivorous Chronicles, a program where in each episode the actor visited a city in the United States to publicize its most representative restaurants and gastronomy, to end up facing a eating contest.

In these competitions, the presenter faces very large amounts of food, very spicy foods or very large food intakes in a short period of time. They are remains that in the program are presented as a "battle between man and food", and in his four seasons Richman has won 48 challenges, for 38 food victories. However, in January 2012 he announced that he would not participate in more food contests, so the last chapter was issued on April 11, 2012.

But although the presenter was prepared before the celebration of each meal contest (which in the program is not indicated but we will discover later), however much he took care before and after each episode there is no doubt about something very important : the consequences for health what's wrong with it eat fast, in a short time, and above all eat large amounts of food, in excess.

Health consequences of eating fast

One of the guidelines of each food contest, in most programs, is to try to eat quickly, in a short period of time. Its consequences are quite clear:

  • Disorders in digestion: as heavy digestion and stomach pains, since the food is not chewed properly and slowly.
  • Digestive stress: since it eats very fast different digestive functions tend to stress, so that they wear out little by little.
  • Malabsorption: when eating fast, it is also eaten with stress or anxiety, so that the nutrients found in the composition of the food are not absorbed properly. Although Richman eats very well (which is not the case in most programs, where junk food is one of the main protagonists, such as hamburgers, breaded meats, fried ...), the nutrients become toxins.
  • More fatigue: since the lack of crushing food makes the body work harder, spending more energy.

Health consequences of overeating

Another feature of each food contest is eating an incredible amount of food, which causes that most of the times when Richman is halfway through or at the end of the contest he looks tired, sweaty and fed up.

The reason is very clear: he has eaten in excess, that is, more than what would fit in his stomach, and more than what his stomach could ultimately digest. Its consequences are:

  • Overweight and obesity: when eating excessively, a greater number of calories is consumed, especially more than our body burns during the day. Therefore, weight is increased.
  • Risk of cardiovascular diseases: both cholesterol and blood pressure rise, in many cases to very dangerous limits. In addition, increased risk of heart disease and other heart problems.
  • Type 2 diabetes: especially related to excessive consumption of food and weight gain. Increase the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders: bad digestion, heavy digestion, discomfort and stomach pains ...
  • Fatty liver: caused by excess caloric intake, since our liver is not able to metabolize fats so fast, so they tend to accumulate.
  • Other problems: such as joint problems and lack of sleep.

What did Adam Richman do before and after each program?

Although it is not counted in the program, it is known that before each challenge Adam Richman tried to eat as little as possible and drink large amounts of mineral water.

On the other hand, I also practiced physical exercise twice a day.

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