Contraindications of chia seeds to consider

There is no doubt that, in recent years, they have become an extremely popular food. We are talking about the ones known as chia seeds. As you probably know, they consist of seeds that come from a plant native to Central America, belonging to the family of lamiaceae, which were already known and consumed by indigenous tribes more than 6,000 years ago, not only used for their nutritional wealth but for their supposed mystical qualities (hence they were widely used in religious rituals).

With these seeds you can make the iskiate, also known from a more popular point of view with the name of izquiate or cool chia water, and which is prepared with water, lemon juice and is traditionally sweetened with honey or brown sugar.

Regarding the benefits of the chia seeds, we have a very powerful nutritional or nutritious food, thanks to its richness in: essential fatty acids (especially Omega-3 and Omega-6), vitamins (vitamin A and B vitamins), minerals (especially potassium and calcium) and fiber.

They become an excellent natural choice when it comes to prevent cardiovascular diseases, thanks precisely to its richness in essential fatty acids, which prevent problems of blood circulation, hypertension and helps reduce high cholesterol and triglycerides. For its richness in fiber is especially suitable for people who suffer from constipation, helping to relieve it by improving intestinal transit. In this sense they also become an interesting food for those with diabetes, by helping to regulate blood glucose levels.

However, despite being an extremely healthy food, before consuming them, it is necessary to discover the contraindications of chia seeds, and when it is not advisable to eat them. We explain it to you below.

When it is not advisable to eat chia seeds

When certain medications are consumed

The consumption of these seeds is not recommended when medical treatment based on medications to treat hypertension is followed. This is because these seeds help to lower blood pressure, which can alarmingly enhance the effects of these medications. Nor is it recommended when taking diabetes medications, low blood sugar levels or insulin being received, as well as when anticoagulant medications are consumed.

When you have hypotension

Hypotension consists of the presence of a low blood pressure (that is, values ​​lower than those considered normal). By reducing blood pressure, if a person with hypotension consumes them, they can further reduce these levels even more alarmingly.

When you have diverticulosis

Chia seeds are very rich in fiber, so it is not recommended for people who suffer from diverticulosis, which consists of the appearance of small bags that bulge in the colon or large intestine.

Other contraindications of chia seeds

  • When you have diarrhea: as they tend to increase and speed up intestinal transit.
  • When you have had surgery on the digestive system: as for example a surgery of stomach, small intestine or surgery of the colon.
  • When you have gases: for its high fiber content.

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