Cronodieta, the diet to lose weight with the hours

Maybe you have never heard or read anything about it, but the truth is that one of the latest theories that fight to end both the overweight as for the own obesity itself is the one named as chrononutrition, and within this one the diet known as cronodieta.

This diet would be a specific diet that adapts to the changing needs of our body, taking into account the different times and moments of the day.

This is so because the organism is subjected to a series of cycles that are repeated every 24 hours, marking, for example, the time at which we should sleep or wake up, or even the time of day when we feel hungry, etc.

In this article we explain what is the cronodieta and we offer you some of the most interesting curiosities about it.

Cronodieta, the diet of the new theory called crononutrición

As we have already commented briefly at the beginning of this article, the cronodieta It comes to be a special diet that adapts to the different and diverse needs of our own body, depending on the hours and times of the day.

This theory maintains that, for example, the same food can help us to maintain the weight in the morning, but nevertheless to gain weight at night, also attending to the need that our organism has at the approximate moment in which it uses a certain type of nutrients, advising us to take one type of food or another.

For example, in the breakfast and concretely during the morning, in the organism the secretion of the insulin and the proteases and the lipases takes place, reason why in him they must include fats, hydrates of carbon and proteins; while, mid-morning, there is a drop in glucose, at which time it is recommended to take a piece of fruit.

Food is the main intake of the day, so you should eat vegetables, proteins and starches from eggs, fish or meat; In the middle of the afternoon opt for fruit or dark chocolate as there is a feeling of fatigue and lack of energy, and dinner should be light, being the most advisable to opt for vegetables, fish or white meats.

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