Cucumber for the skin

The cucumber It is characterized by being one of the most consumed vegetables in salads, mainly because it is a refreshing food that, fresh, helps to mitigate the heat.

With regard to their own benefits of cucumber in themselves, we find that their consumption is ideal within a diet of weight loss, since it tends to have a very low caloric content (barely  13 kilocalories per 100 grams).

It is also interesting for the skin. Not in vain, popular and well-known is the face mask of cucumber.

Cucumber for the skin

The cucumber It is one of the best-known beauty products, mainly used raw and sliced, as it is ideal for toning the face.

It also has astringent and revitalizing virtues of the skin, which is why it is widely used not only within what we know as a healthy and natural beauty, but in cosmetics.

And is that while the slices of cucumber help to smooth wrinkles, consumed internally is an excellent cleanser and a real replenisher of water in the body, so the virtue for the skin is even double.

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