Cucumber nutritional values

The cucumbers They are native to South Asia, and were cultivated by the ancient Greeks and Romans, although the first varieties were extremely bitter and were used for medicinal purposes rather than culinary.

Among the different benefits of cucumber that we can find in this wonderful food, it is a potent diuretic and depurative that makes it an ideal product for weight loss diets, and that helps against fluid retention.

It is also useful in cases of high cholesterol, and when it comes to controlling blood glucose levels in those who suffer from diabetes. In addition to highlighting cucumber for the skin, being well known face mask of cucumber.

With regard to their own cucumber nutritional values, we find that, given its high water content, is a tremendously low caloric food, and that it does provide a good variety of essential nutrients for the body.

Cucumber nutritional values

100 grams of edible part provide:

  • Kilocalories: 13
  • Carbohydrates: 2.2
  • Proteins: 0.6
  • Total fats: 0.2
  • Fiber: 0.9
  • Cholesterol (mg): 0
  • Vitamins: (A, retinol: 28 / B1, thiamine: 0.02 / B2, riboflavin: 0.03 / B3, niacin: 0.2 / B6, pyridoxine: 0.04 / C: 8 / E: 0.1 ).
  • Minerals: (Sodium: 8 / Potassium: 141 / Calcium: 15 / Phosphorus: 23 / Magnesium: 8 / Iron: 0,5 / Fluorine: 0,02).

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