Curious uses of Coca Cola that will invite you not to want to consume it more

While it is true that sugary soft drinks are not an advisable option from a nutritional and health point of view, when this consumption is only punctual and not at all becomes a habit we are facing drinks that although not healthy do not tend to be harmful Are empty calorie-rich drinks, which are characterized by having a high content of sugars and by providing many calories, but nevertheless they do not provide any essential nutrient useful for our body.

Among the most consumed sugary drinks we find the Coca Cola, one of the most popular in the world, available in the market for 129 years. In fact, it began to be sold in May 1886, when the pharmacist John S. Pemberton created a kind of syrup against the problems of digestion that was also able to provide energy. Something that resulted in the most popular and famous secret formula in the world.

However, as it is a drink rich in sugars it is an option whose regular consumption is not recommended at all, since it predisposes to an increase in weight that can result in the presence of overweight and obesity. In addition, unlike what you might think, despite its high sugar content it is a drink with a high salt content, which added to the presence of caffeine and its diuretic effect causes water to be eliminated through the urine and in turn the sensation of thirst increases, causing dehydration.

The best? Obviously not take it. But the fact that it is not advisable to drink it does not mean that it can not be useful for other options. And it is that a drink that can be used as a cleaning product there is no doubt that precisely very healthy is not ... We discover you some curious uses of Coca Cola They will also invite you to stop taking it.

1. An ideal product to clean the house

Some tests carried out showed that Coca Cola is a very acidic drink, so much that barely presents pH levels of 2.5, which makes it a very acidic drink, especially useful to clean the house.

For example, it is very suitable for clean the toilet bowl when there are stains that hardly disappear with common cleaning products. To do this, you just have to put Coca Cola in the cup and leave it for an hour. Then brush the stains and rinse.

Removes rust stains from the bathtub

Does your bathtub have any rust spots? To eliminate them you only have to soak a sponge to clean the bathroom in Coca Cola and work on the spots in a circular way. To get the best result it is advisable to alternate both sides of the sponge.

2. Pipe unblocker

If you have drains or pipes clogged, although it is true that it is best to use a drain cleaner or drain cleaner, in case you do not have Coca Cola at home it can be very useful. To do this you only have to pour 1/4 of a 2-liter bottle through the drain and do not pour water until after a few hours.

3. To remove grease from clothes

If your clothes have been stained with grease and there is no way to eliminate it, you can, at the time of washing, introduce the equivalent of a can of Coke in the washing machine together with your regular detergent. It will help you clean the grease present on the clothes.

4. I have a chewing gum in my hair!

If by mistake you have stuck a chewing gum or gum in your hair, and you have no way to remove it without having to cut your hair, you just have to soak the affected hair part in Coca Cola for a few minutes. The drink will be useful to help you remove the hair, without damaging it and without having to cut it!

5. As a coin cleaner

If you like numismatics or if you simply need to clean the coins you have at home, Coca Cola can be extremely useful. You just have to put Coca Cola in a bowl or cup and dip the coins in it, leaving them to soak for 15 to 30 minutes.

Image | Chris Nielsen

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