Curled hair, a common problem easy to prevent

A woman's hair is like a kind of temple. Whether it is long or short, smooth or curly, this is one of the physical features that most come into view, and hence the need to always keep it presentable and healthy.

But what happens when it becomes rebellious and curls? It is a real nightmare when external agents conspire against us and make our hair look battered.

And although many believe that hair is damaged only by moisture, sun and pollution, using unsuitable chemicals also has weight on hair health. All these elements can influence the appearance of curly hair, a very common problem that affects a large number of women.

Main causes why hair curls


Scientific studies in fact suggest that if you use a shampoo that is not indicated for your type of hair, it will have a negative reaction and therefore will be opaque, dry, and with split ends.

It must be remembered that there are specific needs for each type of hair. Whether you have it dyed, that it is fatty, or that in itself presents a tendency to dryness. You must find the right product in each case.

Now, a factor that coincides in all studies is that the lack of natural moisture in the hair is a factor that lends itself to look "explosive" when we strive to keep it perfect.

Then, when the strands of the hair look for that much-needed water, they expand and produce that unpleasant effect that gives us so many headaches. So hydrating is the key.

If you are not used to using cream baths or blisters, you will probably notice that your hair curls easily. So it is essential that you start having healthier practices towards your hair.


Your comb can also be an enemy of your hair Do not you believe us? Well, if you have metal bristles, maybe you should not use it anymore because they help your hair get a lot more frizzy.

This material causes the hair to break and tear it from the root. Opt for combs that have bristles of materials such as plastic or wood because they are no less invasive for your scalp.


The so-called star king is one of the most damaging agents of hair. When we expose it to its rays, it will inevitably curl in a way that will make us hate everything in that moment.

Hats and moisturizers for daily use, especially if we go to the beach, are essential to beat one in the sun. Remember that you have to keep it safe and protected.

The iron and the dryer

On special occasions, we always appeal for the iron and the dryer to make our hair look impeccable. But deep down, we are doing terrible damage that may be irreparable.

It is convenient that we adjust the temperature of these devices so that you receive the right amount of heat or not more. There are women who do not know how to use these devices and put the health of their hair at risk.

The hot water

A good shower with hot water is relaxing for the body but "deadly" for the hair. The heat in general is harmful to the health of your hair, so avoid it, this because it opens the hair cuticle.

When you shower, try using warm or cold water to wash or rinse your hair. It is the healthiest, and in addition, you will be saving energy because you will not have to use the heater.

The alcohol

Some hair styling products contain alcohol, an agent that annihilates the hydration of hair in a matter of seconds. It also causes the hair fiber to decompose and curl right away.

What can we do to avoid this problem?

  • Hydrate it with shampoos: Use one that suits your hair type and combine it with conditioners and masks that reinforce the effect.
  • Apply homemade oils: The coconut, argan or almond oils are super recommended to moisturize the hair. Apply them for a few minutes just before washing your hair from the middle of the hair towards the tips.
  • Take care of what you use: If you are going to buy hair products, read the labels and make sure you do not have alcohol. If your shampoo has glycerin, it is the perfect one to hydrate you.