Curled hair: Why hair is curled and what are its causes

Have the frizzy hair It is quite common, because more than 25% of Spanish women say that the hair curls and curls very easily. The reasons why it happens can be several, from changes in temperature, to hormonal processes, through genetics.

Curled hair usually looks somewhat ugly and uncontrollable. Although it seems that the curls are going to make an appearance, it is not like that because also smooth hair can appear frizz type and with bad aspect. Dry hair is the one that tend to curl more easily, taking care of it extremely.

These are the main causes why you have curled hair


One of the reasons why hair curls is because of humidity. Those unruly, somewhat wavy or curly manes tend to increase their volume in contact with the humid air of certain places. Usually happens in winter, in places where there are rivers or sea, preferably and in summer for the same situations. Extreme temperatures are usually the most damaging in this class of hair, which is dried out and carded and frizz appear.

Normally, the rain or the wind end up making a dent in these hairs and the curls end up losing definition, being caked, without form, and they become very rebellious when brushed and easier to get tangled up.

Lack of hydration

Constant temperature changes are not the only reason for frizz in the hair. It is also due to the lack of hydration received. The hair then looks coarse because a mask is missing to be able to tame it, especially in long hair and little care.

Genetics and nature

Many people have frizz hair by mother nature. Genetics has run its course and practically always have had it from birth. This requires a special treatment, which leaves the hair with some shape, whether it is smooth or curly.

By chemicals, smoothing and dyeing

Bad practice on the hair also causes it to curl or have this effect. A permanent badly worn, the chemicals applied to the hair through foams, dye liquids, for straighteners and others open the scales of the hair cuticles, causing a continuous frizz.

Hair without keratin

The treatment of keratin treatment is currently one of the most demanded in hairdressing salons or beauty centers. Keratin is necessary in the hair because it restores it, makes it stronger, moisturizes it and the result is a more attractive, sleek and shiny hair. With this treatment, the hair practically does not curl and gets a correct and smooth position ideal to tame the most rebellious hair.

Bad nutrition

The lack of vitamins and minerals can cause the hair to weaken and fall, and at the same time, it becomes drier than normal, and therefore with a slightly more huffy effect. The lack of fatty acids or lipids also adds to it.

Wrong shampoos

Although there are many beauty products on the market, not all of them are worth us. There is one specific for each type of hair. Hair can be ruffled by incorrect and incorrect use of hair shampoo.

If this curls, perhaps a type of product is needed against dry hairs that provide maximum hydration. The conditioners are also necessary for the frizz effect to fade.

The types of brushes

Some girls usually have hair always frizzy because they brush daily with unsuitable materials. The hair ends without form, because of untangling the hair continuously, and is neither smooth nor curly, but curled.

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The combs of metal material tend to break and stretch the hair, looking in poor condition. The best are the wooden or plastic combs, and barbed something wider and thicker.

Dryers and irons: heat

Hair can be ruffled by the continued use of hair irons and hair dryers. When they are at high temperature they can burn it and resect it even more. The heat, in short, does not go well for the hair, because it tends to break more easily. ThemesHair

What Makes Curly Hair Curly? (May 2023)