Daily tupper menu for children

As we have explained to you in our related notes recommendations for the school tupper Y the best foods for school tuppers, we are facing a "fashion" increasingly common in many families; that more than "fashion" we should name as a necessity.

Need to save, due not only to the economic crisis in which we are currently immersed, but also because of the increase in the price of dining rooms, since opting for the tupper allows families to save between 55 to 120 euros each month, depending on if your children are enrolled in the canteen of a public or private school.

As we noted in the previous notes, it is vital that parents pursue the food safety on the one hand, and the nutritional balance for another.

To achieve this, it is essential to follow a series of certain safety tips (for example, that the tupper can be closed in a hermetic way and that several tuppers are used for raw and cooked dishes), and to know what dishes and food we can give to our children every day and every week.

To help you we propose a daily tupper menu so you can combine the dishes and recipes to include in your children's tupper every week.

Example of daily tupper menu for the little ones

  • Monday: Mixed salad and stewed lentils.
  • Tuesday: Cream of zucchini and baked mackerel fillet with vegetables.
  • Wednesday: Mixed salad and roasted chicken with baked potatoes.
  • Thursday: Rice with tomato and mixed salad.
  • Friday: Lasagna and salad jacket.

You can combine or replace these recipes with the following options:

  • Omelette with natural tomato and mixed salad.
  • Mixed salad and marmitako.
  • Peas with ham and hake breaded with salad.
  • Cooked vegetables and sausages with mashed potatoes.

As a dessert you can include a piece of fruit (for example, apples, pears and plums), and as a natural drink the best thing is water or a natural juice.

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