Dandelion: properties, benefits and contraindications

The dandelion It is probably one of the most popular and well-known medicinal plants, not only because of its incredible benefits and properties, but also because once and nowadays it is part of the games of many children when they take it in their hands and blow their colored hairs white, which disappear little by little carried by the wind.

Among other aspects, dandelion stimulates the secretion of the organs of digestion, so, precisely, it is used in cases of digestive disorders in general (constipation or lazy liver), and in gastric hypoacidity.

Not surprisingly, it has been scientifically proven that dandelion is able to increase between 2 to 4 times the secretion of bile. And this is why it is recommended, for example, to stimulate those liver that are " lazy“.

It is also important its benefits in regard to its action on kidney stones, for its action both diuretic and laxative, if I am allowed redundancy.

The most important dandelion benefits

Recognized diuretic action

Precisely because of what we have indicated throughout the previous paragraphs, the diuretic properties of the dandelion are extremely important. We must indicate that this diuretic action, without unwanted effects and totally safe, allows to eliminate and cleanse of our organism the different toxins accumulated. That is why, at each change of season, it is recommended to make a cure of dandelion and, in turn, in case of excess food.

On the other hand, thanks to these diuretic qualities it becomes a wonderful natural remedy when it comes to preventing or avoiding fluid retention, by acting as a good depurative of our body.

Depurative of the liver

Dandelion is a good natural depurative of the liver, a fundamental organ for life and for our health and indispensable for the wide diversity of functions performed every day. In this sense, this medicinal plant is very useful when we need to purify our liver, by stimulating the secretion of different organs of digestion, including the liver.

Moreover, when we are diagnosed with fatty liver (a disorder very common today characterized by excessive accumulation of fat in the liver), one of the medicinal plants to include in the treatment is the dandelion, for its depurative capacity.

Properties of dandelion to summary

  • Ideal when purifying the liver, helping naturally in the care of this important organ of our body.
  • Helps to increase the secretion of bile, so it is useful to promote a good digestion.
  • Useful when it comes to eliminating the toxins that our body has accumulated.
  • Recommended in the process of natural cleansing of our body.

How to take dandelion to enjoy its benefits?

The truth is that enjoying the different qualities, properties and benefits of dandelion is extremely easy and simple, mainly because there are a wide variety of ways to consume it. We explain below which are the most common:

  • In the form of dandelion infusion:It is one of the most popular options. It consists of preparing a medicinal infusion based on dandelion, boiling for it in a saucepan with water a teaspoon of fresh or dried dandelion. Then, after 3 minutes boiling, you just have to put out the fire and let rest another 3 minutes, to finally strain the drink and drink it. You can take up to 3 traces of this infusion a day, preferably after the main meals.
  • Capsules:It is another quite comfortable and simple option. You can find dandelion capsules in herbalists and specialty stores. Although the ideal is to follow the recommendations indicated on the package you buy, since its dose will depend on the amount of dry extract that each capsule incorporates, it is common to take two capsules with each meal.
  • In the form of tincture:It is another option equally comfortable. You can find tincture of dandelion also in many herbalists, and its form of consumption is simple since you only have to add a few drops of this tincture to a large glass of water or natural juice.

Contraindications of dandelion

The consumption of dandelion is not advised in the following cases, situations and conditions:

  • Gallstones: since the dandelion acts as a cholagogue (that is, it stimulates the gallbladder increasing the production of bile), it is not recommended in people with stones or stones in the gallbladder because it can cause an annoying and painful biliary colic.
  • Kidney stonesSince the kidney stones are mainly caused by oxalates, the dandelion leaves contain a large amount of oxalates. Therefore, it is not suitable for people with kidney stones.
  • Heartburn: When presenting the ability to increase gastric juices, dandelion is not at all suitable for people with heartburn or with reflux.
  • Stomach ulcer: as it happens with the acidity of stomach, in case of stomach ulcers its consumption is not recommended either. The reason is the same: it increases the gastric juices.
  • Allergy: the consumption of dandelion or products with this plant is not recommended in people who have an allergy to the family of the compounds.
  • Consumption of certain medications: its consumption is not recommended in case of people taking lithium medicines or those used to increase the amounts of potassium in the body. It is also not advisable before the consumption of antibiotics, by decreasing its absorption.

As we can see, although the dandelion is a medicinal plant with incredible benefits and properties, it also has certain contraindications, which means that we must always pay attention to its effects in order to know when its regular consumption would be advisable or not. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

Health Benefits of Dandelion Leaves and Dandelion Root (March 2023)