Deep skin cleansing to remove blackheads

Maintaining an adequate skin cleansing is essential and essential when it comes to enjoying good skin health, as this way we avoid impurities, dead cells and other elements that can have a very negative influence on our own health. cutaneous

For this reason, it is always vital to maintain an adequate cleansing of the skin, and especially that it is carried out every day, with some regularity.

And is that as many experts in beauty, to maintain good skin health is not only essential to nurture and use beauty products that help us care and moisturize.

It is also very important to clean it, and especially to know how to do it at home, avoiding possible errors that we could get to commit and that could actually influence very much in a negative way.

In any case, Clean the skin of the skin at home is very easy, and even carry it out in a profound way. Moreover, depending on the type of cleaning we perform we can not only eliminate impurities, but also reduce the presence of annoying, uncomfortable and unsightly black spots.

What are black dots?

As you surely know, black spots appear on our skin as a result of the accumulation of different impurities on the skin. They appear especially in the nose and in the area known as T zone of the face due especially to the accumulation of fat and pigment of the skin.

In fact, they consist of small granites that do not actually form showing their traditional white point, since in this case the pores are too large to form a protective layer, so that the sebum "clogs" and does not reach to the surface, causing the death of a large number of cells.

As a result, sebum or grease is exposed to air and oxidizes, changing the color and thus showing that characteristic coloration or dark tone.

Deep cleaning of homemade skin: how to make it step by step

The deep skin cleanse that we can also do at home and that we provide is recommended to eliminate blackheads. To carry out this cleaning in addition to following the steps that we propose to you next we will need to make steam baths to open the pores.

  • Once the exfoliant is applied, we will heat water in a saucepan, once the water is warm, we will approach about 30 centimeters, and we will cover ourselves with a towel to concentrate the steam, since the steam will open our pores.
  • You can also resort to hot towels and then apply them on the skin of the face.
  • We wash our hands well and with the fingertips we are going to tighten the black dots to extract them taking great care not to do it with the nails.
  • When some areas that you have already tightened become red, we should not squeeze again.
  • We return to wash our hands well and then tone the skin by putting a little purifying tonic on a cotton disc and applying it over the entire face.
  • Next we will apply the nutritive cream on the face and then the moisturizer.
  • Once the cleaning is finished you will notice how the skin of the face has gained so much luminosity as freshness and softness.

We must take into account so that our skin always stays healthy in addition to cleaning using products appropriate to our skin type as well as our age.

As we have been able to see a homemade skin cleaning is quite simple to perform however it is also advisable at least once a year to go to a beauty center where they can perform a thorough cleaning.

Dermatology Treatments : How to Use Blackhead Removal Tool (November 2023)