Delicious sweet potatoes: 3 recipes that you can not miss

The sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato or 'ipomoea batata ' is a tuber that belongs to the family of convolvulaceaea which is found in all types of crops throughout all regions of the planet. However, the origin of the sweet potatoes goes back a long time ago, concretely more than 8,000 years ago in what is now Peru.

Thanks to the Conquest of America perpetrated by Christopher Columbus, this vegetable began to be exported to Spain and other European nations until now it is possible to find sweet potato plantations in regions as far away as China.

In fact, the Asian giant is the largest producer of this plant since it has in its possession more than 80% of all production of sweet potatoes. Thereafter, Uganda, Nigeria, and the Solomon Islands and Nigeria are the largest producers of this tuber. If we turn our eyes to Spain, the most important crops of sweet potatoes are found mainly in the city of VĂ©lez.

Now that you have known what the sweet potatoes are, next we are going to talk about three recipes that have as main base this vegetable. And it does not matter what you choose because absolutely with all of them you go to suck your fingers. Are you ready? Well, let's go!

Sweet potato chips. An exquisite garnish

We will begin this list of recipes with a potato chips made with sweet potato that will become the perfect companion for your meat and fish. To make it a reality, you are going to need the following ingredients.


A pair of whole sweet potatoes, salt, oregano, a little paprika, olive oil and special baking paper.

Production of sweet potato chips:

Once we have everything, we will do the following:

  1. We start by peeling the sweet potatoes and cut them later into a cane or chip
  2. We take a baking tray and add the chopped sweet potatoes there on a baking paper base.
  3. Next, we sprinkle all the sweet potatoes with salt, paprika, oregano and a little olive oil to our liking.
  4. We introduce them in the preheated oven for about 20-30 minutes at 180 degrees until they are well browned. And to put them in our favorite dishes !.

Sweet potato salad with avocados and spinach. To take care of our line

Next we are going to propose a salad made with sweet potatoes and spinach that is completely delicious and that will help you take care of your line. What are all advantages ?. You can also choose to substitute spinach for beans (beans), or add more ingredients such as grapefruit, orange ...


Although first of all, you will need the following: half sweet potato, half ripe avocado, a couple of spinach leaves, a tomato, salt, olive oil and Modena vinegar.

Preparation of the sweet potato salad with avocado and spinach:

When you have everything, we will do the following:

  1. We take the sweet potato and wash it with enough cold water. We cut it into slices and then do the same with the avocado.
  2. After this, we will start to cook the slices of sweet potato with a pinch of olive oil with a little salt.
  3. Next, we put the sweet potato in a salad bowl to which we will add the spinach leaves together with the avocado and the tomato.
  4. Just add salt, olive oil and Modena vinegar to enhance the flavor of this sweet potato salad that you will love.

Sweet potato puree. A recipe that will delight the little ones

And to finish this list of recipes, next we are going to propose you the next sweet potato puree how little you will have to envy the potato. Do you have the curiosity to know how it is done? Well, go first by pointing to the following ingredients.


A sweet potato, 150 ml of milk, garlic powder, salt and black pepper.

Preparation of sweet potatoes puree:

  1. We start by cooking the sweet potato in a pot with enough water for 15 minutes until they are well tender.
  2. We peel them and then grind them with the help of a mortar or simply a fork.
  3. We pepper everything to our liking with the spices that we want.
  4. Finally, we put them in a bowl to which we will add very hot milk. To obtain the puree, you only have to stir it for a couple of minutes until you get a very homogeneous mixture with a very smooth texture.