Depuration of the intestine: How to purify the intestine?

In previous occasions we have exposed some habits, tips and tricks that, in one way or another, help you to purify your body inside. And, above all, to purify different organs of our body.

For example, we showed you tricks for purify the kidneys and to purify the liver, extremely important organs for life and that are necessary to keep them in good condition to be able to enjoy good health.

In this sense also a few weeks ago we told you some tricks or basic tips that, precisely, gave you the possibility of purify the gallbladder.

However, this time in particular we will know how to purify also another of the most important organs of our body: bowels. Learn tricks and tips that will help you purify the intestine.

How to cleanse the intestines

The bowels They are very important organs in our body, since they fulfill a very important task: they decompose the food so that it can be absorbed by the blood, taking care in turn of the elimination of the waste products.

However, on several occasions it becomes necessary purify the intestine, especially if you suffer from bad breath, heartburn, feeling of heaviness, bad digestion, diarrhea, gas and even headaches or insomnia problems.

For all this, we indicate below some tricks of depuration of the intestine that will help you a lot:

  • Given that, with each food we consume, we provide our bodies with toxins and elements that they do not need (especially with junk food or sweets), the fundamental thing we must do first is to take care of our food. To do this, we must do without drinks such as alcohol or coffee, also avoiding Eat excessively and tobacco.
  • It is advisable to always take plenty of fruit and vegetables, natural juices made by yourself at home, lots of water and nuts. Also, eating yogurt rich in bifidus is something more than recommended, because, as you surely know, help to enjoy a healthy intestinal flora.
  • Fasting you can take an infusion of artichoke or an infusion of milk thistle, ideal when it comes to purifying the body.
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