Detoxify the body naturally

After each change of season, or every so often, it tends to be advisable to purify our organism in a natural way, to help eliminate all those toxins and waste substances that our body has accumulated and yet does not need.

It is usual that, over time, harmful substances accumulate in our organism that it has not been able to eliminate naturally. Toxins that, accumulated over time, can be dangerous for health.

Therefore it is essential that at least once a year we purify our body completely, or partially by following some basic tips for purifying certain organs of our body: such as purifying the liver or purifying the kidneys ( among others).

Tips to detoxify the body naturally

  • Consume fruits and vegetables: fresh fruits, as well as green leafy vegetables are interesting for the natural detoxification of the body, because they contain essential nutrients that help in this regard. In addition, lemons become one of the most recommended fruits, as it acts as an excellent natural cleanser.
  • Liver stimulant foods: the liver is an important organ because it carries out a great diversity of functions; among them activates the enzymes produced by the liver to stimulate the detoxification process. Foods such as sesame seeds, artichoke, garlic or cabbage help the liver function properly.
  • Correct hydration: maintaining a good hydration helps your body to function properly. Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of liquids every day every day, preferably water, natural juices, teas and infusions.
  • Healthy and balanced diet: it is vital that during the depuration process you follow a natural, healthy and balanced diet, based on the consumption of fruits, vegetables and vegetables.
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol and coffee: for our body to be properly cleansed it is essential to avoid the consumption of alcohol, coffee, sugary soft drinks and tobacco, since they generate toxins that accumulate in our body.

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Natural Ways of Detoxing the Body (November 2022)