Digestion cut when bathing after eating

We can define the digestion cut as the loss of knowledge due to a sudden change in temperature, medically consisting of a peripheral shock due to difficulties in the vasculation of our body.

Hence, with the arrival of summer we also hear one of the most common phrases these days, especially among many mothers and fathers: avoid getting into the water when we are still doing the digestion.

Although we must take into account that the digestion cut does not actually exist as such, it does occur as a consequence of the so-called "immersion reflex", which appears when the person abruptly introduces his lower body into water, and as a consequence of the change in sudden temperature, the person may suffer headache, dizziness and nausea, fainting and in more severe cases cardiac arrest.

Unlike what is traditionally thought, the truth is that it is false that we have to wait at least two hours after eating to be able to bathe, since the process of digestion can actually last up to four hours: despite getting into the water two hours after having eaten, the process of digestion still continues.

In fact, did you know that you can also suffer a digestion cut in the shower at home when bathing with very cold water? The difference is that when the cut of digestion occurs in the sea water or in the pool, the person loses consciousness and if no one notices, he can drown by immersion.

How to prevent it?

For all these reasons, it is fundamental introduce us into the water little by little, avoiding doing it abruptly, slowly soaking each part of our body, with what we will get to accustom our organism to the cold temperature of the water.

However, if any symptom appears when we are inside the water it is very important to get out of the water to avoid worse and greater consequences.

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