Discover an ideal smoothie to facilitate the digestion of pineapple and mango

Sometimes it happens to us that some digestions we do it in a lighter way, almost without knowing, instead in other occasions, the digestion we noticed it slower. In addition to noticing the slow digestion and heaviness of the stomach, we may also experience discomfort due to gas or acidity.

This happens especially when we have eaten dishes such as fried, sauces, battered, spicy, and also fatty, protein like red meat, legumes.

The shake that we provide below can be considered as a protective balm for the stomach at the same time that it facilitates the good digestion of food.

This is possible thanks to the fruits that this milkshake contains, they are the pineapple and the mangoThese two fruits contain enzymes that help us to digest food well.

Learn about the nutritional properties and benefits of pineapple and mango

The pineapple It is considered as a digestive natural, it is a fruit that contains Bromelain, Proteolytic enzyme beneficial for digesting food proteins.

By digesting the proteins in the food helps the stomach to carry out the process of digestion, making it lighter with what we feel with the feeling of not being full, which happens when the digestion becomes heavy and slow, the hours pass and it is as if we were finished eating.

Bromelain not only helps to digest the proteins in the food acts also helping to dissolve fats better. To make the best use of this fruit, we must eat it fresh in its natural form, not the preserved pineapple.

Pineapple is also rich in fiber, which favors good intestinal transit, avoiding constipation while also helping us to take care of the intestinal flora.

It is a fruit rich in vitamin C, antioxidant, diuretic, light laxative, anti-inflammatory, low calories, recommended even in slimming diets.

The mango just as the pineapple contains proteolytic enzymes They help us to digest food, which makes better use of nutrients from food and also to dissolve fats. Indicated in case of heavy digestion, acidity, gastritis or gases.

Other beneficial nutritional properties that mango gives us:

  • Antioxidant, vitamin C, helps us increase immune defenses.
  • Rich in beta carotene, vitamin A.
  • Vitamin B.
  • Flavonoids
  • Amino Acid: Tryptophan.
  • Rich in fiber: promotes good intestinal transit, acts as a mild laxative.
  • Rich in potassium, it helps us control blood pressure, acts as a diuretic.
  • Other minerals: iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium.
  • Amount of calories: moderate.
  • Low in fat.
  • Carbohydrates and sugars easily assimilated.

Like pineapple, mango is an ideal fruit to include in slimming diets.

After knowing all that these two wonderful fruits give us, do you dare to prepare this beneficial, rich and refreshing pineapple and mango smoothie? Here are the ingredients and how to do it.

How to make the pineapple and mango smoothie

When choosing the fruit we will look for both the mango and the pineapple are at a good point of maturity, neither too mature nor green, especially we will observe this aspect in the mango because you notice the taste as it has fermented.


  • A ripe mango
  • 2 natural pineapple wheels
  • 60 ml. of skimmed milk.


  1. We wash the mango, we remove the skin, the central part and chop it.
  2. We cut two slices of natural pineapple, and remove the skin and chop it too.
  3. In the glass of the blender we put the chopped fruit, add the milk and grind everything well.

We already have our digestive pineapple and mango smoothie ready, ideal to take it at any time of the day, after lunch or dinner and especially after a heavy or heavy meal.

In summer it is an extremely refreshing milkshake. ThemesSmoothie recipes

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