Do you know how to act in a domestic accident? First aid

Probably still has not been the case of suffering a domestic accident at home in which the main protagonists are children, would you know how to act against it?

Domestic accidents where children are the main protagonists are the second cause of mortality, after road accidents. Therefore, knowing how to react correctly can save lives.

Do you know what meaning the first aid concept acquires?

It is the basic help that a person who has suffered some type of accident or illness needs until the opportune professionals arrive, such as the doctor, the ambulance to cope with the situation and prolong the life of the injured person.

Do you know which are the emergencies that usually require first aid?

They are accidents due to asphyxia, cardiac arrest, cardiac arrest, severe bleeding, poisoning, burns, fading, coma, heat stroke and insolation, fractures and animal bites.

We always have to avoid precipitation and panic. We all know that it is a difficult situation to try to stay cool but trying not to get nervous will make the course of the situation more favorable towards the victim.

Unless the positioning of the victim exposes it, position changes should be avoided as there could be an injury and aggravate it especially if it is the spine.

What can we do in the first place? First aid

If it were a choking accident, the most immediate thing should be to ensure that the person has an acceptable breathing, clearing the airways to avoid suffocation. We have to extract the foreign bodies, and check that the tongue has not fallen backwards.

If the patient does not breathe on his own, we must ventilate him from the outside with word of mouth.

  • The head will be at the same level as the trunk, except when there are problems to breathe it will be possible to elevate the shoulders and the head slightly for greater comfort as long as there are no cervical or cranial lesions.
  • In case the person felt nauseous or was going to vomit his head would be turned to the side to avoid aspirations.
  • Do not under any circumstances administer liquids or food to a patient who is not conscious.

In case the accident is due to burns, we will immediately eliminate the cause of the burn: we will extinguish the flames, or remove the product in contact with the skin to reduce the aggression of the fire on the skin. To extinguish the flames you must make the person roll. Therefore we will look for other injuries such as hemorrhages or fractures. We will always treat the most serious injury.

What will we do in first-degree burns?

Use moisturizers and aloe vera, are usually beneficial, it is necessary to refresh the burned area: we could apply plenty of water for 20 minutes but preventing the water is very cold. It is necessary to remove materials that can collect heat from the person's body.

What if it was a cut or wound?

We will wash our hands to avoid infecting the victim's wound or cut. Wash the wound with water and neutral soap and sterile gauze, never use alcohol or cotton, the first because it produces much itching and the second because it will stick to the wound. We will disinfect it from the inside to the outside.

We will dry the wound or cut without rubbing since we will produce a lot of pain in addition to worsening the situation and we will apply an antiseptic material. If the environment allows it, it could be left in the air to improve healing and in case it did not stop bleeding we would have to cover it with a cloth to tighten and stop the possible hemorrhage. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.