Do you know the tale of Japanese bamboo?

Legend has it that a long, long time ago, two farmers walked by a market when they stopped just before the post of a man who sold seeds. They were surprised when they saw some they had never seen before.

One of them asked the vendor which seeds were those, to which the merchant replied that they were bamboo seeds, some very special seeds that came from the Far East.

Intrigued and very curious, the farmer could not contain himself and asked him a new question:"And why are these seeds so special?". The merchant encouraged him to take them, warning him that he would find out without much complication, since they only needed fertilizer and water.

Finally curiosity prevailed and the two farmers decided to take home the bamboo seeds. They planted them, irrigated them, and paid them strictly according to all the instructions given to them by the vendor.

After spending a not very long time, the two farmers were somewhat uncomfortable and sorry because the result had not been as expected: the seeds hardly grew. It was then that one of the farmers told the other that he was thinking that the merchant had cheated them. Such was his anger that he finally decided not to continue watering the seeds or fertilizing them.

But the other farmer, however, thought that he had nothing to lose, so he decided to take charge and continue to keep the seeds: every day he returned to water them and pay them with care. And, thus, time passed but that continued without bearing fruit.

However, one day, when the farmer was about to throw in the towel and stop cultivating them, he was surprised to find that the bamboo had grown to a height of 25 meters in just 5 weeks ...

The best teaching we can receive in life

This story so beautiful and at the same time so short shows us one of the best teachings we can receive in life. The bamboo takes seven years to root well roots to the earth, once spent this time at seven years and six weeks begins to grow brightly.

It is a reflection of what goals or objectives we put ourselves and not see the results, or results as soon as we crave throw in the towel. And then what has all that effort been for? Farmers expected that this plant was born overnight as it often happens with our projects.

They thought perhaps that the seeds were not fertile, or that they had been deceived. However, one of them decided not to leave and continue to offer their care. This farmer discovered when he least expected them that everything he had done to see her grow had finally given its results.

This story offers us a very interesting moral as we often fall by the wayside and think that we are tired or not able, we despair and we lose patience.

However, when one works day by day for a goal with perseverance and not for motivation of the moment when we least expect the fruits will appear and everything will recover sense. Spend days, weeks if we do not lose faith all that we have been fighting for will come.

If we leave before time, and we stop watering the bamboo this beautiful plant will never see the light nor we will be able to enjoy its beauty. The same will happen with our dreams we will never see them shine.

Introduction to Classical Japanese Literature (Nov.4th) (December 2023)