Does the fruit ferment in the stomach if we eat it after meals?

As far as food is concerned, it is common to find myths and beliefs that are actually wrong and are not true. But nevertheless, despite this, even today they keep repeating themselves continuously despite not being true.

In the majority of the occasions one treats of approaches that once thought real, but that later with the step of the years, mainly after being realized investigations and studies with the purpose of to demonstrate or not their reality, they have demonstrated mistaken.

To put just a few simple examples, a few years ago it was believed that the olive oil It was actually a product not recommended for our health, it was not advisable to use it regularly because it was supposed to increase our cholesterol levels in the blood.

However, after a thorough study of its various effects on our body, it has been shown practically the opposite: not only cholesterol does not rise (especially cholesterol). LDL or bad cholesterol), but helps reduce it while increasing HDL or good cholesterol. Moreover, today it is advised to take 1 tablespoon of olive oil a day.

The same goes for the egg. Decades ago it was thought that consuming eggs increased cholesterol, a myth that came from the fact that a medium sized egg contains around 186 mg. of cholesterol (equivalent to 62% of the recommended daily consumption).

But different studies have shown that eating 3 eggs a day poses no danger to a healthy person, while the levels of LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol tend not to change, or increase slightly.

On this occasion the same thing happens with the fruit; or almost better said, with the fact eat fruit for dessert. It is true that the fruit ferments if we eat it after meals? It is another myth, but what is really true about it?

Is it true that the fruit ferments in the stomach?

The idea that it is not appropriate to eat fruit after eating is widespread, not because it fattens or causes us to gain weight, but because it is believed that it tends to ferment in our stomach.

But it is a completely wrong myth: the fruit does not ferment in our stomach, although we take it after eating (or before).

Why? Very simple: our stomach is an organ that has the shape of an elastic sac where the food that we have ingested tend to mix together with the gastric juices, so that the fruit could not ferment due to the fact that it is not separated from the rest of the food.

This means that the fruit can not ferment in our stomach regardless of whether we eat it before or after. Unless, of course, you suffer from some type of intestinal obstruction. But in this case it would occur with practically any type of food.

What's more, did you know that eating fruit alone between meals can increase the risk of digestive discomfort from the production of gases? Thus It is very advisable to eat fruit for dessert at lunch or dinner.

Myth: Don't Eat Fruit After A Meal? Or At Night? (June 2022)