Dogs at home 8 benefits of having dogs!

Man's Best Friend! For centuries, dogs they have been the favorite pet of the western culture for being one of the most faithful, loving animals and that best takes it with the children.

Without any doubt, it can be said that the dogs are excellent companions at home, as well as super protective beings that will make us feel at ease and safe at any time of the day.

But did you know that besides everything, there are benefits to our physical and mental health if we decide to have a puppy at home? No matter the size, race or sex of the animal, they all do us very, very well!

Discover with us eight ways of how these pets positively impact our lives, our environment and even our way of seeing life. Continue reading!

The 8 benefits that dogs give you

Family ties are strengthened

A dog becomes a catalyst for good energy and good health at the individual level. However, within a family, it allows links to be more powerful.

If among all are divided care activities such as bathing, brushing the coat, feeding, or take it to the vet, all will focus on the dog and will support so that it is always in optimal condition.

Behavioral therapists agree on this theory, and even recommend to families who have conflicts with each other to adopt a puppy as this will help them manage the stress that is generated between them.

It helps you with the tension

Stress is a factor that is increasingly present in the daily life of the human being, and many have no idea how to handle it. This condition compromises our health and can affect us in various ways, such as blood pressure, for example.

Specialists believe that those who have dogs at home have a lower incidence in this anomaly, and point out that it is even possible that those who love their dog much lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Take care of your heart

Following a little with the subject of health, dogs help their owners to improve their cardiovascular health because they are animals that need constant exercise, a situation that forces those who have them to do the same. Of course, this benefits the health of the owner, especially if they are people over 65 years of age.

They take you away from depression

Dogs are a source of love and affection that seems endless. Lonely, insecure people with anxiety problems have seen amazing improvements when they start interacting with dogs. The personality of these animals always brings joy to the life of those who decide to take care of them with the same love they offer.

Such is the nexus that is created between man-animal that he feels that the canine is his unconditional companion, he observes it as a super important emotional support, and this condition, at the psychological level, is beneficial for the human being.

They are a learning tool for children

Children and dogs have had excellent relationships since many years. And even better, these help them improve aspects of their psyche such as self-esteem, not to mention that they develop their ability to socialize.

Experts indicate that children with defects or disabilities are the most benefited by the presence of dogs in their homes. It is known that it allows them to be less hyperactive, less shy and less aggressive.

The nature of the children makes them feel a lot of empathy towards the canines so they will eventually understand that they should be this way with other human beings and will become a compassionate individual.

Makes you look like someone you trust

Human beings are animals that move through perceptions, and as a society, we always tend to stay with certain impressions and stay with them.

People who have dogs are always observed in a positive way because they dedicate their time and money to another living being, which is not related to them and by their own decision.

It is even known that women can rely more on men who have dogs at home, and may even see them more attractive. It is a psychological condition that has been studied for years.

Improve your immune system

Having a dog at home since childhood becomes like a lifelong vaccine. Studies suggest that children who have lived with canines since they are young do not suffer from allergies when they are in adulthood.

Also, other diseases such as otitis, cough or nasal problems, which even need antibiotic treatment, will rarely appear in adulthood. All this compared to children who never had pets at home.

They encourage you to organize

The responsibility of having a dog at home is similar to having a child or a younger brother or sister. They need to go for a walk, have their food, be taken to the veterinarian, among other essential care.

Since it is up to you, then you will organize yourself much better to fulfill these activities in times set by yourself. It is important that you be constant and that you attend to their needs. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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