Dormity Sport, the new ergonomic mattresses for athletes

Surely you know since has become a benchmark in innovation within the rest sector, and thus placing itself at the head of both research and the development of products that improve the quality of life of people in what through rest is concerned.

With all this, they have just presented Dormity Sport, designed for both professional and amateur athletes, considering rest as an essential part of their training, especially if we take into account the statistics offered by the Spanish Sleep Society (SES), according to which Around 7 out of 10 athletes experience lack of sleep during the night prior to a sporting event.

We are faced with a novelty range of mattresses with latest generation materials that among other aspects facilitate muscle relaxation, regulate blood flow, accelerate the recovery process and improve the quality of sleep, thus enhancing the performance of the most demanding with your body.

Experts from the Spanish Sleep Society developed a "Recommendations Guide for good rest of the athlete", ensuring that "for the recovery of muscles is very important to promote the slow phases of sleep", which can be achieved with a adaptable and ergonomic mattress How is it Dormity Sport, in its professional range (Sport MAX), amateur (Sport PRO) or occasional (Sport FIT), with a new design that favors the regeneration of the body during rest.

The mattress Sport MAX, for example, is designed for athletes who train daily at an intense level, incorporating the component in their core HR Next state-of-the-art, with firmness and profile that provide ergonomic support. At the same time, it has the material Dormity Breathair, which consist of cushioning fibers that offer permeability to water and air, preventing sweating.

They also have the technology Nanobionic, which absorbs body temperature and converts it into infrared rays, contributing to adequate muscle relaxation and regulating blood flow.

If you want to know more, then we leave you with an interesting video: