Effects of X-ray tests on health

While the X-rays (which are electromagnetic radiation, such as the waves transmitted by your mobile phone), the X-ray radiation is ionizing, ionizing the atoms of matter with which it interacts, which is why they tend to present some health risks.

In relation to X-ray tests, the truth is that from a medical point of view they are really useful and present a diversity of applications. The most common? For example, they are useful to detect diseases of the skeleton, observe the brain or muscles, or diagnose soft tissue diseases (lung cancer, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, abscesses ...).

They can also be used in procedures that clinically could be considered as real time, such as contrast studies or angiography.

However, for several years now, different research and scientific studies have been carried out to verify which are actually the effects of X-ray tests on health, and its risks both exposure to low doses and exposure to massive amounts.

The risks of X-ray tests on health

Exposure to low doses of X-rays to which people are exposed every day is not harmful.

But exposure to high amounts can produce negative health effects, such as:

  • Skin burns
  • Hair loss
  • Sterility
  • Sickness
  • waterfalls
  • Cancer
  • Mental problems
  • In more serious situations death.

In fact, recently a study has found that reducing X-ray tests would decrease the risk of cancer.

X-ray tests during pregnancy

If you are pregnant and you have the need to perform an X-ray test (for example, because you go to a dental clinic), it is essential to always inform your doctor about your pregnancy.

In this sense, you should be calm, since dental x-rays are not high risk.

For a dose of radiation present and cause negative effects on the fetus it is necessary that it exceeds 10 rads, so that it will be the medical specialist who decides to do it if it has a radiation level below this figure.

Among the harmful effects of X-ray tests on the fetus can be some types of leukemia, monthly delay and visual problems.

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