Embrace, it's free and also very healthy

Possibly you think that there is nothing more wonderful than a hug. It is an act of affection, solidarity, we give to a person at a specific time, whether a family member, a son, a partner or a friend. And we tend to give it to the people we love most in our lives.

We can provide it - or receive it - at a time when we are having a bad time and need support, either because we have suffered a traumatic situation or we feel overwhelmed. Or we can give it because we feel very happy, we are very happy, and we want to share it with that person that we want (or that we simply have nearby, next to us).

However, it is also true that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to give it, either because of shyness, embarrassment, or simply because it costs us a little more, especially if we do not have so much confidence with the person in front of us.

Be that as it may, did you know that nobody has died from an overdose of hugs? What's more, did you know that a scientific study has shown that a person needs an average of 11 to 24 hugs a day? This is the goal, but the reality is quite different: there are days when we probably have not received or given one, and we may not even be aware of it.

The incredible benefits of receiving and giving hugs

It gives us tranquility and comfort

When a person surrounds us with his arms around his neck and we are shocked, there is no doubt, we feel a lot better. Even though that hug lasts only a few seconds. It is a wonderful act, solidarity and also free, which gives us comfort, tranquility and also a lot of happiness.

For example, when we give a hug to a person who is worried or stressed we help her lower your anxiety level, since we flood it with oxytocin, which as you surely know will be a hormone that is directly related to the sensations of well-being and pleasure.

On this occasion, the benefits tend to be the same as those brought by the hand of the same person who is worried.

Strengthens the immune system

Believe it or not, did you know that embrace strengthens the immune system and therefore it helps to increase our defenses in a totally natural way ?.

The reason we find it in that Hugs tend to lower our stress levels, which tends to weaken the defenses and make us more prone to contract all kinds of infections, especially those derived from stress.

The day of the Embrace is celebrated on January 21. It was established in 1986 by Kevin Zaborney in order to encourage people to embrace more

It is cardio-healthy

That feeling of well-being, of calm, of comfort and of tranquility that the embrace generates us translates into cardiosaludable qualities, being able to confirm that this simple and simple act is very positive for the health of our heart.

For example, our heart rate decreases, reducing blood pressure and even lowering the risk of hypertension. While lowers the risk of suffering a heart attack as well as other pathologies and ailments of the heart, since it reduces the levels of cortisol, which is a hormone that is produced in response to stress.

Help you sleep much better

Since the hug increases serotonin levels helps us reassure them and relax, while decreasing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. as a result of that It helps us sleep and rest better, not only facilitating the conciliation of the dream but improving its quality.

Useful to breathe more and better

Believe it or not, after a person gives us a hug the production of hemoglobin grows. In this case, hemoglobin is a blood protein that is responsible for the distribution of oxygen.

So, we get a greater oxygen supply which results in our body regenerating, we feel more energized and with greater vigor.

Other benefits of hugs

In addition to the qualities that we have highlighted in the previous section, hugging and receiving hugs also gives us other interesting benefits. Do you know which ones they are?:

  • Increase self-confidence and the ability to solve problems.
  • It is rejuvenating and especially useful to invigorate our body.
  • It helps to relieve the nerves.
  • Heal insomnia.
  • Stimulate the senses
  • It helps us feel more cheerful.

Any reason not to receive or give a hug? It is a completely free act, easy to perform and also with incredible benefits for our health. By the way, have you been hugged today? This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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