Exercise outdoors, at home or in the gym?

Known is that to be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, healthy and above all active, it is highly recommended and adequate to practice exercise on a regular basis.

About the duration of the exercise, the ideal is that it is practiced for at least 30 minutes, and in what refers to regularity, it is much better to practice daily, although if this is much is better to be practiced 3 or 4 Days of the week.

Important are the Benefits of practicing exercise, since it helps not only to lose weight, but to prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol and high triglycerides.

But when it comes to practicing it, it is preferable to ask a question: exercise outdoors, at home or in the gym ?.

Where is it better to practice exercise?

  • Running outdoors, in the gym or house
    If you want to run outdoors, surely you have noticed that you can do it when you want, because only for this you need to have the decision to practice it. Not to mention that you oxygenate your lungs better, while increasing your performance and your endurance. However, you must be careful with the asphalt or the uneven terrain, as you could injure yourself by forcing the joints.
    If you choose to run in the gym, the advantages are that you can choose a constant speed, which is more comfortable for you, while you can control the calories you burn and the time you have left to do. In any case, the drawback has to do with that you will fatigue faster by not having oxygen from natural air.
  • Practice bicycle or spinning outdoors, in the gym or at home
    If you want to practice cycling outdoors, you will have fun while you exercise, as you enjoy the scenery. You should be careful with the cars, and always wear a helmet, without forgetting the colored clothes for drivers to see you.
    If you choose to bike in the gym or at home, you can practice it in a group, with a monitor that encourages you to do so and music, although it is contraindicated if you have a heart condition (in these cases you should consult your doctor).

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