Expect little from others is to gain in quality of life

Throughout our lives we are going to find the most altruistic people who will do anything without expecting anything in return. The best part of this is that many of them we will have known in a single day.

However, it is also normal that those people who thought they were going to be faithful to us or who were always going to be there disappear overnight without leaving any trace.

It is good to accept that we will not always receive the same treatment

How many times have our parents told us that we should do altruistic things without having to receive anything in return? The truth that this enriches us as people. Although as we grow and mature, we realize that many people only seek us when they have a problem. They seem very nice and affable. But once they have achieved their goal, they disappear without further ado.

The worst comes when we need your help. This is where they start looking for all kinds of excuses to get by and demonstrate "If I've seen you, I do not remember." For these reasons, it is important to be very aware that we can not always expect the same treatment from others. You have to be smart and be aware of what people and what do not deserve to be by our side despite the adversities.

It is not good to idealize anyone

This usually happens a lot in the field of feelings and love. We believe that the person we love so much will always feel the same for us. We have the complete certainty that this person is perfect and therefore will never change. Nothing could be further from the truth. Idealizing the person in front of us will only cause us to have an unreal vision of it.

Faced with this situation, surely sooner or later disappointments will come. Especially if we realize that the other party has not been completely honest with us. It will be there when we will be disappointed with him / her and with ourselves.

For this reason, it is better to accept that all the people who come across us have their virtues and defects. We are human beings and ultimately there is no excellence. In fact, through the mistakes that others make, we can know them more deeply and thus know if they fit with our personality. Remember that there will always be disappointments that will help you open your eyes but at the same time close your heart.

Expectations should not create dependence

There will come a time when we will be old enough to achieve our goals and objectives. We should not always expect others to help us and give their arm to twist any problem that comes our way.

We must bear in mind that we do not need the expectations we have in others to achieve happiness. We ourselves are the most useful to achieve our goals. If someone wants to help us along the way, well, welcome. If someone wants to fall and get up again together giving us a shoulder to support us, then surely we will appreciate it for life.

But we can not "always" depend on this situation. Otherwise we can not be happy at all. We do not need orange stockings to complete us or lifelong friends who are always willing to throw us a cable. At the moment of truth we will be alone before the danger. Therefore, if you are only looking for a person to be a little happier, put in front of a mirror and you will find it in the blink of an eye. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.