Fall fruits: the best foods to take care of

In autumn the cold starts and there is a greater risk of constipation. To avoid this, we must nourish ourselves with the best foods and always if they are seasonal. Fruits end up being sources of health thanks to the vitamins and minerals that they entail. A large part of them can prevent us from suffering certain diseases related to the cold.

Now, they are not exempt from other times of the year, because we should always eat fruits accompanied by vegetables in order to have a completely healthy diet. Some studies establish that each year 1.7 million lives could be saved if the consumption of fruits and vegetables were increased more.

Benefits of autumn fruits

In general, buying fruits in season is beneficial because they are fresher to have been caught at the time. They are antioxidants, provide fiber and regulate the intestine, also reduce bad cholesterol and prevent any possible risk to suffer diseases that are related to the heart.

They allow you to eat appetizers, breakfast, mixed in salads or pasta, dessert as it is more traditional or accompanying something more forceful dishes such as meat or fish as a sauce to break the salty taste of such foods.

What are the fruits of these months?


One of the most prized fruits of autumn is the grape. After the collection of the vine and the harvest time, the grapes are on all the tables, either in the form of wine or in bunches, whether white or black.

Luckily, the grape has many nutritional properties, since it has a high content of carbohydrates, also provides potassium, magnesium and calcium, and vitamins of type B, among many others. It contains antioxidants, so the grape is good to protect the foot and thus prevent aging.


To prevent the cold from small we were given oranges, especially the natural juices of them. Now things have not changed so much because they still have a significant amount of vitamin C ideal for this time of year, to increase our energy and take care of our interior. In turn, it has fiber and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.


It is a traditional fruit that we can eat throughout the year. The Apple it brings us wellbeing and health, so it is a truly complete fruit, which appeals to the young and large and protects us from many diseases.

It is also moisturizing, helps clean teeth and keep them healthy and also has a large amount of fiber. It has essential amino acids such as cystine, among other minerals and vitamins. It can be eaten with the whole skin, roasted in the oven and even purée or apple compotes in order to obtain a rich and highly healthy dessert.


There are many fruits to consume and share during the fall. In addition to those still in the summer, such as melon and watermelon, which has a large part of water to benefit from its hydration, pomegranate It is unique at this time of year.

This fruit has high nutritional properties because it is astringent because it contains tannins, and contains certain minerals with an abundance of potassium. Among vitamins, we can name C and B.


This fruit is also found throughout the year in a variety of establishments. One of the properties is that it has a high fiber content and that helps control digestion.

In fact, many people consume Kiwi for breakfast to regulate your intestinal processes. It also contains vitamin C that goes well for this time of year and air currents, in addition to minerals in good proportion of magnesium and calcium.


Next to the apple, it is also a conventional fruit that fills our fields. There are diversity of types of pears, and each one is very good and emerges in different seasons of the year.

In addition to the fiber it offers, it is also worth mentioning the flavonoids, compounds with an antioxidant character, in addition to the minerals in the pear, with preference for iodine, magnesium and potassium. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesFruits

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