Feng shui advice for the marriage room

As we mentioned in previous notes the Feng Shui It is an oriental philosophy that has application on a daily basis to improve the quality of life without doubts.

In the case that concerns us now the issue of marriage, no doubt then we will provide a battery of tips to energize and revitalize the sacred flame of the relationship through tips to improve the orientation of the decoration of the conjugal room .

One of the first steps is undoubtedly to direct everything towards the Northwest since it is the hemisphere that activates the energy of love.

One of the mistakes in which the couple usually fall when they have children is to include their photo in this room. This is not advisable as it reduces energy and discourages the love of two as this must be a real redoubt of passion and romance. In relation to the same subject, it is not necessary to have ornaments of three inside the room but of pairs.

With respect to the colors, the advisable ones are the warm colors that transmit transmit joy as being the peach or the salmon, or more intense like the red, embroidered, purple or orange so much in cushions, blankets and pictures that activate the Qi of the passion.

With regard to the orientation of the bed it is essential that it has a good backrest, whether it is a firm headboard or a wall behind it. What you should NEVER have is a window or door. Any dividing element either beams, frames or other structures above the marriage bed promote disagreements in the couple.

With regard to lighting the opposite happens with colors should be dim. Elements such as candles, crystal spheres or mandarin ducks contribute to the recreation of the environment are already objects that symbolize love.

What adds up and what remains

We will start with what remains. Although you do not believe it, the mirrors that reflect the bed are very harmful for rest and for the couple. The masters of Feng Shui attribute to matrimonial failure and infidelity the negative effect of the mirrors that reflect the bed.

It is necessary to avoid that the door of the bedroom is facing the one of the bath because this reflects a negative energy. You also have to avoid using plants and flowers inside the room. Not so fruit and especially the pomegranate that is a symbol of fertility. It is also necessary to avoid that the feet remain in orientation towards the door of the room

What sum is the placement of candles, aromas of cinnamon, vanilla. Also the use of romantic symbols like hearts. The Dragon (Yang) and the Phoenix Bird (Yin) are the Chinese mythological animals that symbolize the masculine and feminine respectively.

The stones also help to recreate and potentiate the romantic energy. The use of quartz and semi precious stones is recommended, always placing them in pairs, as well as candles.

Logically the use of technological devices such as TV and computer are contrary to the energy of love and good sleep in the bedroom.

Finally, always remember to apply the general Fengh Shui principles, beginning with order and cleanliness so that the energy begins to flow clean and harmonious. ThemesFeng Shui Alternative Medicine

Feng Shui For Love, Relationship, Marriage & Romance: How To Attract Passionate Love (July 2022)