Feng Shui tips for the baby's room

In an earlier note we talked about the advantages of Feng shui in everyday life as for example in the use of colors, spaces, light, and so on. In this note we will try to give you advice to adapt these principles to a more important space in the life of a family such as your baby's room.

In Feng Shui children are represented by the wood element, which is related to growth. The colors that should predominate in a baby's room are the neutral colors such as: broken white, white thread, linen color, beige light or very light stone tones both on the wall and in the furniture.

Placing a breastfeeding chair in the newborn's room is the most appropriate since the transition from the maternal womb to present life should be as smooth as possible.

The distribution should begin without hesitation by first putting the baby's cradle or bassinet in place and then accommodating the remaining furniture.

The bassinet or crib should always be oriented in the following way: the headboard should hit a solid wall and should never be placed against a wall. Also, the baby's feet should not face the door of the room.

Another important fact is to respect the dimensions of the furniture in the baby's room, always maintaining the harmony of the same. It is not advisable to put children's chairs on an adult size table.

With regard to the crib it is important that it has a certain mobility in case it is necessary to move it in case there is some energy that is disturbing it.

It is also advisable to avoid furniture with sharp corners. And another fundamental issue to air the room every day.

Influence of nature

Next we will give you some tips to involve nature inside the baby's room.

  • First of all you must eliminate any electronic element inside the baby's room such as: TV, DVD or electric heater.
  • We recommend using water-based paints to paint the walls. Therefore, discard those that have synthetic solvents or varnishes.
  • The wood is the best therefore the experts in Feng shui discard everything that is carpets or carpets.
  • The placement of mirrors in the baby's room is ruled out.
  • The use of natural plants in the baby's room is recommended during the day as it strengthens the oxygenation of the baby. At night it must be removed since the permanence produces the opposite effect.

Most common errors

Generally the most common mistakes that we usually make beginner parents is to cram the room with ornaments, stuffed toys and toys for the newborn. Also paint the walls with bright colors, but as we have discussed some lines above are recommended neutral colors.

How can we correct mistakes then? You have to get rid of objects or toys that are not suitable for the chronological age the child is having. The idea is to redecorate the room with neutral colors with a serene decoration that does not remove spontaneity or fun to our boy's room. ThemesFeng Shui Alternative Medicine

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