Fish conservation tips and how to cook it

Doctors recommend the consumption of fish at least twice a week, that is, it can be taken 3 or more times, in fact it is healthy to do it. Consumers are increasingly taking more fish, in part, because of the WHO alert a year ago, about the reduction of red meat and processed foods.

The fish preferred by the Spanish are salmon, hake and tuna, in addition to the sardine. The salmon is gaining ground because it is a fish that is easy to cook, cut and very good. It brings the benefits of blue fish, that is, rich in omega 3, vital to prevent cardiovascular diseases and lower cholesterol and diabetes.

Types of fish

Preferably, we find white or lean fish, which are those that have a fat content lower than 3%. Among the best known species of this type fish, cod, sea bream, sole, hake or monkfish are among the most consumed.

The semi-fat fish have between 3 and 5% fat, and we emphasize, to eat, the gilthead sea bream or the sea bass, that usually are destined for the big occasions to the being of slightly higher prices.

While blue or fatty fish, it has more than 5% fat content. Tuna, mackerel, sardine, or salmon are among these fantastic fish.

Tips for preserving fish

The fish is better to buy fresh always in an establishment that we know and that is to be trusted. As soon as you get home, it's time to store the fish in the refrigerator in temperatures of about 3º and the best way to keep it is a separate container so it does not have contact with other types of food.

It is advisable to eat the same day you buy, but if it is not possible, we can eat it the next day.

Frozen fish is another good option, because it conserves the same nutrients as the fresh one. We can also freeze it at home if we see that we are not going to eat it immediately, or have bought too much. Once thawed, the fish can not be refrozen.

We can also give you another simple advice. Once you have bought the fresh fish in the fish market, supermarket or market, it is convenient to clean it, wash it and eviscerate it before introducing it in the refrigerator (that is, open it and remove its viscera).

It is advisable to remove or remove the head and its scales before introducing it into the refrigerator, then insert the rest of the fish in a covered container, or cover it with a little food paper. What is this done for? Mainly to avoid possible alterations by the contact with the oxygen of the air and to prevent bacterial contamination, and not to transmit the annoying smell of fish throughout the refrigerator.

It is also convenient to keep the fish in the coldest part of the refrigerator, at a temperature between 2 to 4ºC.

At the time of cooking

Fish can be cooked in many ways, always depending on each person and the type of needs one has. Grilled fish is the easiest to prepare, and it is not necessary to do too much, if it can not end up being very dry.

Baked is when it is really good because we can prepare a sauce and side dishes that will be tasty. It is recommended for fish that are usually larger. It needs a few more moments of preparation, but it's worth it.

The barbecue, the option to take different foods for several people, is also another way to cook very tasty fish. They say that everything tastes better on the grill, and this is really the case because the fish tend to be much juicier and the meat more tender. We season it with spices and olive oil.

Some ways to eat it

The way of eating fish is now very varied. When we have children at home, we must have something more imagination, because normally it is not a product that especially likes the little ones. The batter is an option, in addition to making dumplings, omelette or mini hamburger-shaped fish sandwiches.

In turn, fish tapas with a classic in all bars and restaurants, and why not do it at home. Cans and seafood triumph. Fish creams are nutritious, we can add another kind of food like vegetables.

While you can also make fish cakes, along with potatoes, and even baked gratin. Marinated fish are somewhat more complicated to make. The fish pates triumph. Now they can make all kinds of fish, in fact, in supermarkets, we find salmon patés, tuna and even sardines.

We must always take into account seasonal fish, they will be fresh and are those that can be obtained directly from the markets. They are brought every morning from the fish markets and they are quality products. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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