Foods not recommended for the gallbladder

As we mentioned in a previous article in which we talked about the main functions of the gallbladder, it is a small organ that is part of the digestive system, we find it located below the liver, and is mainly characterized by being a viscera between 5 to 7 centimeters in diameter, with a shape reminiscent of a pear, and which in turn is connected to the duodenum (small intestine) through the common bile duct.

Fundamentally acts as storage of bile, a liquid of greenish yellow color produced by the liver and that helps in the process of digestion and in the absorption of fats.

Although it is an important organ for our body, it is not essential, because if it is medically necessary it is possible to live without a gallbladder after its surgical removal. For this to be possible it is necessary to follow a series of appropriate dietary habits.

Precisely when it comes to taking care of the gallbladder it is very important to know what foods are not recommended:

  • Products and food "light": unbalance the natural metabolism of our body.
  • meats: especially red meats, to be more rich in fat. Other products also stand out, such as charcuterie, sausages, pâtés, organ meats ...
  • Fish: blue Fish.
  • Vegetables and vegetables: cauliflower, cabbage, cabbage, onion and peppers, as they cause gas and flatulence.
  • Fruits: mostly raw, acidic fruits (like lemon or oranges), and candied fruits.
  • Drinks: normal or decaffeinated coffee, teas that are too strong or loaded, drinks with caffeine or guarana, carbonated and with alcohol.

On the contrary, it is recommended to consume foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables in general (except those indicated above), salads of green leaves dressed with olive oil and vinegar, bread and whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, and Above all, drink lots of water.

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