Foods rich in phosphorus

The match It is a macromineral that we find especially in the cells and in different body fluids, reaching approximately 650 mg. of phosphorus.

Although it is usually very related to study and learning, the truth is that phosphorus intervenes and participates in an interesting diversity of different functions in our organism.

On the one hand, it intervenes both in the formation and in the maintenance of the bones, also participating in the development of the teeth. It intervenes in cell division and the formation of muscle tissues. In addition, it participates in the correct cellular metabolism.

If you are a nursing mother, phosphorus also participates in the normal secretion of breast milk, so that we are faced with an essential nutrient essential in breastfeeding.

Regarding the recommended daily amounts, the recommended intake varies between 800 to 1,200 mg. An interesting way to contribute to our body the amount of phosphorus you need each day is from the food, especially knowing what are the foods rich in phosphorus.

Phosphorus content of the richest foods


490 mg

Canned sardines

418 mg

Nonfat yogurt

355 mg

Boiled lentils

350 mg

Breakfast cereals

349 mg

Skimmed milk

247 mg


195 mg

Lean meat

165 mg

Mozzarella cheese

149 mg


138 mg

Cooked egg

101 mg


98 mg

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