Foods that cause fluid retention

The fluid retention It has become a common annoyance for many women and men, mainly because they can become a real problem that can affect the personal well-being of people when developing their day-to-day life.

Different are the causes of fluid retention, a problem that -in fact- can lead to the appearance of another "symptom" intimately related to it: the abdominal swelling.

Among these causes, we find ourselves with an inadequate diet, at the same time that we do not take enough water for the body to function correctly.

In this sense there is a series of foods that can cause more or less the appearance of this annoying-and common-health problem.

Foods that cause fluid retention

Fundamentally, both the edema, the circulation of fluids and the retention itself is due to the food we find in the water. Of these, sodium is the one that absorbs the most water.

Therefore, the richer the food, the more possibilities there are for liquid retention to appear.

Among these foods rich in sodium, we find the following, which should be avoided precisely when we want to avoid fluid retention and, therefore, abdominal swelling.

  • Canned products.
  • Sausages and cold meats.
  • Pickles (for example, olives).
  • Margarines and butters.
  • Cheeses
  • Bread and derivatives.
  • Broth tablets.
  • Salty snacks
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