Foods that help fight diabetes

Last Friday, day November 14th, we take care of World Diabetes Day, publishing an extensive article in which, besides explaining what was the diabetes in itself, we were able to know what the Diabetes type 1 and the type 2 diabetes and how expanded is this disease worldwide.

However, this time we are going to discuss a series of foods extremely important and interesting that, in a certain sense, help fight diabetes.

It is to remember in this case, and before precisely to deal with these foods, that diabetes is the increase of blood sugar (glucose) levels, being a rate higher than 110 mg / dl. blood Situation known as hyperglycemia.

Foods that help fight diabetes

  • Chicken.
    A few weeks ago we were able to learn about an interesting study through which we had been able to know, as it had not been in vain for years to suspect that the chicken soup - and the chicken itself - helped reduce blood pressure.
    Well, when it comes to diabetes, chicken (and especially the thighs) help fight diabetes, since it has a high zinc content. Of course, do not forget to cook it without skin, and roasted or baked, so it is not recommended to eat it fried.
  • Onion.
    Regardless of whether it is eaten cooked or raw, onion helps reduce blood sugar levels. It is believed that the cause may be that it influences the metabolism of glucose in the liver, or the release of insulin.
  • Dairy products.
    Many people suffering from type 2 diabetes are mostly deficient in zinc, so they are always advised to take foods that contribute to it, such as chicken and, in this case, milk derivatives, since they are the more important.
    One recommendation: it is much better to take them skimmed and, if possible, enriched with those vitamins that usually lose in the packaging process, as is the case with the Vitamin E.
  • Broccoli.
    It is rich in chromium, improving the effectiveness of insulin and tending to regulate, therefore, their levels in the body, helping in cases of imbalance in the level of blood glucose.
  • Wheat pasta.
    It is an important and excellent source of energy for diabetics, being composed of complex carbohydrates (slow absorption), which makes the passage of glucose to the blood is gradual.

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