Foods with mercury

A few weeks ago the AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, warned about the high content of certain food with mercury, a metal found in a great variety of foods, whose consumption was recommended until now.

One of these foods is the tuna, about whose relationship between tuna and mercury We already talked to you on a previous occasion.

But they also surprised by their high nitrate content Vegetables such as chard, or vegetables such as spinach, until now recommended in child nutrition.

Foods with high mercury content

It is necessary to indicate that those food with mercury are mainly the big fish, as is the case Red tuna, or also the swordfish.

Below we offer you a short list with those products that contain mercury in food:

  • Red tuna
  • Swordfish
  • Dogfish

However, the reality is that AESAN has also warned about the high nitrate content in vegetables such as chard or spinach, and about the high content of cadmium in seafood such as prawns, crabs, spider crab or ox.

With regard to the consequences of excessive consumption in these shellfish, with high cadmium content, we find that they can cause kidney dysfunction, by holding both the kidneys and the liver.

With regard to the consequences of excessive consumption of vegetables with nitrate, it is advisable to know that they can cause gastric irritation or cyanosis.

For this reason, the consumption of any of these foods is not recommended, neither pregnant women nor children under 3 years of age.

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