From what month can you feel the baby? His first kicks

Pregnancy can happen more or less quickly, depending on how they live both mom and dad, and how intense they feel. Thus, when it comes to the first pregnancy and both are first-timers the most common is that the joy but in turn the nervousness and cravings can influence to have the feeling that the 9 months pass and have passed very quickly. However, if it is a second or third pregnancy, it may be more likely that each week will be more enjoyable, precisely because of the calm that comes from having already gone through it.

As we can see week after week, although during the first days the most normal thing is not to feel practically any type of symptom, and that you do not realize that you can be pregnant until the delay of the menstruation and possible positive pregnancy test, as the pregnancy progresses. gestation, there are more obvious signs.

For example, changes occur in the body of the woman even more or less early: due to the increase of certain hormones, it is possible that nausea, dizziness and vomiting, fatigue and drowsiness, the breasts are prepared little by little for the lactation…

But, from what moment can begin to feel the first patatidas? From what month can it be possible to start feeling the movements of the baby?

It is estimated that, between week 20 and 22, it tends to be very common that the future mom identifies the first movements of the baby. That is, around the fifth month of pregnancy.

However, it is not until sixth month of pregnancy when they feel fully. For example, between the 23rd and 26th week, it is more possible for the pregnant woman to notice how the baby can move if she presses slightly on her own abdomen, and begins to feel her movements.

Since then, in the seventh month of pregnancy the kicks are more evident, clear, and it is also normal to feel them much more frequently. It is possible that, as of these weeks, if we look at the skin of the abdomen of the expectant mother we can see a small lump emerging and then she usually recoils very quickly. Since the baby still has room to move, the mother usually feels more.

But do not worry if from the eighth month the baby moves less. This is because he no longer has so much space to do tricks. Yes, the most common is that it moves less but more intensely.

At what times of the day is the baby more active?

There are many moms who point out that when they rest and lie down or sit down the baby tends to move more. But, in reality, this is not because the child is more active just in the moments in which the future mom relaxes, but, what happens, is that it tends to be more aware and notice it with greater intensity.

Although it is true that each baby has its own rhythm, and it is evident that not everyone moves equally (in fact, a first pregnancy can be completely different to the second and it can happen that the second child is even more active than the first), it is more common for the baby to move when the mother eats, since it receives glucose and therefore feels more energetic.

And what does the future mom usually feel?

Many moms point out that the most common thing at the beginning is to feel like a kind of bubbling, like tickling that lasts a few seconds. And, no doubt, it must be a wonderful sensation that only they are lucky enough to be able to feel: how those small and timid little bubbles turn into real kicks ofkarateka as the fetus develops and continues its growth.

On the other hand, it is also common for women who have had more children to feel the baby before, between week 16 and 20, since they know what the movements are like and are able to identify them earlier.

What do we do if we do not feel that it moves?

As many gynecologists and midwives warn, you should not obsess over the movements of the baby. Especially during the last months of pregnancy, although it is true that it is normal to move several times a day, just notice it only once in the day to make sure you are well.

If you feel that you do not move much, especially in the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy, try to eat something with sugar, for example an orange or apple juice or some cookies, to activate it with glucose. If, despite this, it does not move, it is recommended to go to the emergency room.

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