Frying pan flowers: wonderful recipe for Carnavales

The frying pan flowers They are traditional sweets in many regions of the peninsula, especially in Castilla la Mancha, Segovia, León, Extremadura. These sweets are part of the pastry that is made both on Carnival dates and Holy Week.

Pan flowers are known by other names depending on the area, they are also known as flakes, fried flowers, frying pan fruits.

As almost all traditional pastries at this time the flowers are made with a mass of flour, milk or water, eggs, and then fried in plenty of hot oil.

They are very simple to make, they are very crispy and rich. To form the flowers we need metal molds in the form of flowers that we can get in the market, supermarket, hardware stores.

In addition to the characteristic shape of the flower, the mold is provided with a metallic bar so that the mold can be submerged both in the oil and in the flour dough.

Pan flower recipe


  • 175 grams of simple sifted wheat flour.
  • 250 ml. of whole milk or skimmed milk.
  • 3 eggs.
  • A few grains of anise, (matalahúga).
  • A splash of anise.
  • The zest of a lemon or an orange.
  • 85 grams of sugar
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Soft-flavored olive oil or sunflower oil, (for frying).
  • Mixture of ground cinnamon and sugar to flower the flowers.
  • A metal mold shaped like a flower.


  1. In a bowl we put the eggs and beat them well. Little by little we add the sifted flour, stir to integrate well.
  2. Then we add the milk, the grated skin of the lemon or the orange, the sugar, the grains of anise, the trickle of anise, and the pinch of salt.
  3. We beat everything well, we can help the arm of the blender. The consistency of the dough should be liquid. We put the dough in a wide container to be able to mold the flowers.
  4. In a pan we put plenty of oil to heat. When it is hot, we take the flower mold and put it inside to warm it.
  5. We remove the hot mold and introduce it into the dough, without sinking it completely, only halfway.
  6. We put the mold in the pan, we cook with strong fire and we will make a light movement so that the flower is released from the mold.
  7. We brown the flower on both sides. We remove the flower from the pan and put it on a plate covered with a napkin to drain the oil.
  8. We return to heat the metal mold and continue doing the same operation to fry all the flowers. On a plate we put a little ground cinnamon and sugar and mix well.
  9. When the fried flowers have cooled down, we are passing them one by one for the mixture of cinnamon and sugar to make them.

How to eat pan flowers?

The fried flowers can be enjoyed accompanied with a hilito of honey, a light sugar syrup, or any syrup flavored with cinnamon or citrus.

The fried flowers are ideal to enjoy both dessert and snacks and accompanied by our favorite hot beverage, a cup of hot chocolate, a coffee, a tea, or an infusion.

I hope you are encouraged to prepare pan flowers and that you like this simple and exquisite recipe.

Enjoy your meal! From NatureVia, happy Carnival to all.

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