Goji berries smoothie: recipe and benefits

It is quite probable that you already know what they are, or even that out of curiosity or simply to enjoy better health you have already tasted or eaten them on occasion. Popularly known by the name of Goji berries and scientifically with the name of Lycium barbarum L., Tibetan berries of red or purple color that come from the Himalayas and that in many occasions remind to the raisins by their texture and appearance, when eating habitually after being dried.

In fact, did you know that they have been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for 1900 years? So much so that they are part of different legends from China that consider it as a fruit with supernatural powers, helping to multiply the strength of those who consume them. Moreover, in some Asian countries it is usual to consume it as it is, without adding any other food (for example, eating a handful of Goji berries daily), or adding them to delicious salads, soups and creams or making wonderful juices and smoothies

On this occasion we want to learn how to prepare a nutritious goji berries smoothie, with incredible benefits and properties. But first we will investigate what qualities will bring us the consumption of this delicious natural beverage made with 100 percent natural ingredients.

Benefits of goji berry shake

Incredible nutritional wealth

The Goji berries stand out mainly for their extensive nutritional qualities, being extremely rich in different essential nutrients, as necessary as fundamental for the proper functioning of our body and for our health in general.

For example, they provide large amounts of vitamin A, essential for maintaining good eye health, vitamin C, essential for the proper functioning of our defenses and B vitamins, essential for our nervous system. In addition, they also provide antioxidants (such as lycopene) and beta carotene, 21 trace elements and 18 amino acids.

Help reinforce our defenses

Among the minerals and trace elements provided by Goji berries we find zinc, a mineral essential for the proper functioning of our immune system to help increase the function of white blood cells, which are immune cells responsible for defending our body.

On the other hand, they also provide interesting amounts of vitamin C and carotenes, natural antioxidants useful to help fight infectious diseases and intoxications.

Improve our mood

For its content in B vitamins, among which are especially thiamine and niacin, which exert a direct influence on our mood, and actively participate in the nutrition of our nervous system.

Protects our hearts and prostate from men

Although lycopene is known to be an antioxidant found mostly in tomatoes, did you know that Goji berries also contain interesting amounts of this compound? In fact, it is mainly responsible for its reddish coloration.

As you surely know, it is a natural antioxidant that helps protect our cardiovascular system from the oxidative processes caused by free radicals, being very useful to protect our heart. In addition, it is constituted as a traditional natural remedy when it comes to caring for and protecting the prostate of men.

Goji berry smoothie recipe

The smoothie that we propose to you on this occasion stands out for being a refreshing and depurative drink, with useful benefits to take care of our heart, the prostate (if you are a man) and enjoy a good mood. Consumed regularly helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides (in case of having high levels), and taken at breakfast is wonderful to provide energy to our body.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 cup of Goji berries
  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • 1 cup of oatmeal or almond milk

Preparation of the goji berry milkshake:

Wash cranberries well. Then put all the ingredients in the glass of the blender. Add the vegetable drink of oatmeal or almonds and whisk everything until all the ingredients are integrated and you get the desired consistency. Ready! To enjoy. ThemesSmoothie recipes

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