Green beans: benefits and properties

The green beans they are some legumes that belong to the legume family, which are characterized by being native to America (specifically from Peru and Mexico) and although it is an annual plant, its best time of the year is from April to September, although we can find it in the market throughout the year to be grown in greenhouse.

They have a very characteristic elongated shape, of a light green color, although they can also have a flattened or cylindrical shape, and yellow colors with dark spots.

The best time to choose them to take them to our kitchen or pantry are those that have a bright, lively color, that do not have strange or abnormal discolorations.

Nutritional properties of green beans

From a nutritional point of view, green beans provide a low amount of calories and fat, so that 100 grams provide only 30 kilocalories, hence for its nutritional benefits and low fat, are interesting in balanced diets, healthy and of thinning.

They become a good source of fiber, vitamins (such as provitamin A, vitamins B2 and B6, and vitamin C) and minerals (such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus).

Regarding its content in other essential nutrients, we must emphasize that green beans are rich in folates, so that their consumption is advised in the diet of the pregnant woman.

Benefits of green beans

The truth is that for the different nutritional values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we find in green beans, we are faced with some very healthy legumes, as they provide an interesting amount of essential nutrients as well as fiber, and yet they are low in fat and calories.

They are interesting - for example - in weight loss diets, in pregnant women and ultimately within a varied and healthy diet, thanks to their vitamin and mineral intake.

For its soluble fiber content is a good option when it comes to helping our body to lower high cholesterol levels, as well as to improve intestinal transit and prevent or avoid constipation.

It contains antioxidant nutrients that help to take care of the health of the organism, by blocking the action of free radicals, and preventing cardiovascular, degenerative diseases and cancer.

They also become a very diuretic and depurative food, so that they help eliminate fluid retention and our body can eliminate accumulated toxins.

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