Guarana: benefits and properties

The guarana it is one of the best slimming plants that exist, thanks mainly to that it has a high caffeine content, being able to accelerate the elimination of the fat while increasing the basal metabolism of the cells.

For this main reason, since very old some of the most important are known benefits of guarana, a plant on whose properties they were already named in the twelfth century.

The guarana It is a plant that has some fruits with yellow, orange or red rind. The moment they ripen, they show their seeds and the white pulp so characteristic.

Benefits and properties of guarana

  • Helps slow down aging
  • It keeps the arteries free of cholesterol ( high cholesterol) and triglycerides ( high triglycerides), at the same time elastic.
  • Prevents and relieves fever.
  • It has a great diuretic power.
  • It is an interesting liver protector, being ideal when it comes to purifying the liver.
  • Improves and relieves headaches and muscle pain.
  • Due to its caffeine content, it helps to lose weight.
  • It helps reduce appetite, due to its content in vegetable fiber and proteins.
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