Hair health after summer

A few days ago, our Naturbelleza colleagues echoed some basic tips and tricks that allowed us to know how take care of your hair in summer.

Some of these basic tips include, for example, the use of aftersun-type shampoos, hair masks based on vegetable oils and serums.

However, while it is true that you have to take care of your hair in summer, what happens to it after the expected holidays, and just after this period ends?

We propose below some tricks that allow you to recover the hair health after summer.

Recover hair health after summer

With the arrival of autumn, especially after the summer, the hair is in a certainly delicate moment, since if habitually 10% of our hairs are in the fall phase, during this season it becomes more acute.

For this reason, what experts tend to call "telogen peak" appears, precisely referring to this phenomenon.

It is true that you can not prevent the hair from falling, but that the thing is going to grow.

One of the main recommendations that can be made is to use an anti-fall mask two or three times a week, at the same time, if necessary, resort to a vitamin complex.

Of course, do not forget the proteins, because they are as important to the body as they are to the rest of the body.

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