Hazelnut milk: benefits and properties

The vegetable milks they are healthy and natural drinks especially useful within a varied and balanced diet, and can become an excellent option when suffering from lactose intolerance (very common today and which prevents the habitual consumption of cow's milk that has not been treated to remove lactose, sugar from milk which is broken down into glucose and galactose thanks to the action of the enzyme lactase).

In relation to the aforementioned vegetable milks, one of its main advantages is that by following the basic preparation tips and counting on the necessary sufficient ingredients, we can easily prepare them at home and enjoy them at the moment. Without counting, of course, their different nutritional qualities.

In the case of milk hazelnuts, it is a vegetable drink that provides practically the same benefits as almond milk.

Benefits of hazelnut milk

The hazelnut milk is a drink of vegetable origin that is obtained from raw or roasted hazelnuts. Precisely when it comes to making it, you should avoid using hazelnuts that have been fried or prepared with salt.

It is a drink especially rich in vitamin E, an essential vitamin that stands out for its antioxidant qualities, helping to reduce the most negative effects of free radicals.

Regarding its vitamin content we must also emphasize the presence of folic acid, essential not only for pregnant women but for those who wish to stay in condition, since it prevents defects in both the placenta and the fetus itself (it is advised in fact that 3 months before pregnancy both women and men start taking folic acid every day).

It is useful in case of high cholesterol, mainly due to its richness in saturated fatty acids, so that taking a glass of hazelnut milk every day along with the follow-up of a balanced diet and low in fat will help in a positive way to reduce high levels of fats in blood.

In terms of its mineral content, we can name nutrients as important as calcium (hence this beverage is a good substitute for cow's milk) and magnesium.

How to make hazelnut milk?


  • 200 grams of raw or toasted hazelnuts
  • 1 liter and a half of mineral water
  • 1 pinch of vanilla


If you use raw hazelnuts, it is convenient that you keep them soaking in water the whole night before (which will help them to be more digestive). The next day, remove the water and reserve the hazelnuts.

Rinse hazelnuts well in water.

During 5 minutes liquefy the hazelnuts until a creamy liquid of appearance or white color is formed.

Strain the drink with the help of a cotton strainer or gauze.

If you wish, you can add a pinch of vanilla and sugar to add flavor.

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