Health in the gym: directed activities

To reaffirm the body, get away from stress, to disconnect and stay in shape. The gyms increase their number of users thanks to the fashion of being healthy outside and inside. In addition to performing exercises in the machines, in a pool or with running circuits, gyms usually have many followers directed activities.

Entertaining, specific, to move the whole body, or those that combine mind and body. These activities are indicated to cure ailments, to activate the body in general or to treat some problem either mental or corporal with stretching and other exercises always directed.

The best activities aimed at practicing in the gym


The hard daily life, very sedentary in a large part of the occasions, causes the body to take incorrect positions. Pilates is nothing more than the exercises that were done a few years ago but somewhat changed.

The purpose is to exercise mind and body in a simple way. We notice how the flexibility increases, stretches of all the extremities, the belly and the gluteal area and even the abdomen, in particular.

Pilates may seem easy and simple, but it is also hard if one is not used to exercising regularly. It is good and must be done several times a week in order to gain ease little by little.

Thanks to the pilates, we maintain correct breathing and tone up our backs and legs, as well as easy stretches that, starting from a routine in the gym, can be practiced later at home.


Healthy mind in corpore sano, and in the gym this type of activities are getting better at being able to combine well-being in mind and body at the same time. In this case, Yoga does not mean much movement, but it helps to stretch, to be able to connect with our self, to know ourselves, to control our breathing and to find ourselves better.

The mind clears and acquires that energy that is needed to face the hard daily work. These daily activities must be taught by specialized professionals in each of these areas.


It is one of the preferred exercises for women, since the vast majority of the Zumba classes are made up of women. This dance mixes Latin steps with aerobic rhythms and muscular toning.

It should be noted that in Zumba, the activity performed is mostly cardiovascular, and part of an exercise program where fast and slow rhythms alternate, to rest and continue with a new set of exercises.

It's fun, encourages sociability, coordination by following choreographies and most importantly, in a few sessions, you get expected results.

Initially it serves to lose weight and reduce localized fat by spending a lot of protein while dancing (you get to burn between 600 to 800 calories per hour), while also reaffirms the muscles, increases the coordination of the body, and improves the cardiovascular system .

At the mental level, the zumba also brings many benefits. It allows you to disconnect, forget about problems and therefore get away from stress. It calms anxiety, reduces depression, and provides the energy we need.

With the success of zumba in gyms, variants of these have appeared, such as the Aqua Zumba, Zumba movements in the water or the Zumba Gold, indicated for older people in a program adapted to the bodily needs of their age.

Suspension training

Some of the activities that can be done with personal trainers in the centers or spa are based on training or suspension exercises. We talk about TRX Suspension Training that it is allowed to work in harnesses that are subject to different parts of the body.

The gravity and the body in suspension are used to do several exercises. Among the benefits stands out the improvement of flexibility and balance, gain in resistance, coordination, power and stability of the central part of the body. It is a somewhat stronger activity compared to the previous disciplines. ThemesExercise

Teacher-Directed Physical Activity (June 2024)