Honey in the kitchen: uses, qualities and types

This food, manufactured by bees, is one of the most complete in terms of nutritional values. Therefore, its use has been extended to the kitchen, applied in thousands of recipes, to season and as a complement, it is exquisite.

The honey It is a perfect substitute for sugar and serves to sweeten different dishes always with an improvement in the health of what sugar can give us in a general way. It is also used for making cakes, also thanks to the fact that it maintains the humidity of the cakes and offers a great help to sponge the masses.

In the kitchen it has many more uses. Well, in addition to pastry, mixes with other ingredients to provide aromas and flavors that combine salty with sweet, it is incorporated into the stews and can be taken directly with bread, toast, accompanying fruits and cheeses, and many people incorporate it into coffee instead of sugar.

Mix of glucose and fructose, its properties for the organism are several and numerous. It is stored in a well-closed container because it can absorb water from the environment and spoil more easily, always depending on the climate and temperature inside and outside.

According to the Spanish Heart Foundation, it is highly recommended and has very few proteins. In its compounds, especially sugars, organic acids (citric, lactic, phosphoric ...), vitamins C and type B, folic acid, various minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, silicon, iron, manganese, iodine and zinc, and the essential amino acids, in addition to flavonoids, polyphenols and enzymes.

The main benefits of honey

The vitamins and minerals specified above help keep the body in perfect order. Natural honey is the purest, best and the one that offers the most advantages. One of its maxims is that it regulates blood sugar because fructose allows glucose to be picked up by the liver to form glycogen.

This happens to bleed to improve circulation, among other actions. The Spanish Heart Foundation also points out that it is a great source of energy and is usually recommended for athletes, growing children and for those who have some anemia. This is, in part, because of its richness in macro and micronutrients, while helping the body to restore the usual rhythm of activity that is needed.

In cosmetic use and to improve the beauty of the skin, honey is a perfect ally to eliminate blackheads and acne. For this reason, many products used in aesthetic treatments carry honey, just as when we massage with essential oil or apply honey directly to the skin.

This seasoning reduces the pH of the surface of the skin because its acidity kills the microbes that are placed on the epidermis. In addition, it helps repair and restore dry skin by containing certain healing properties.

When we have a cold, they always recommend honey, next to lemon or water. It is good for the respiratory tract, with inhalations of honey about five minutes to clean these routes. It is a solution for those who suffer from asthma or bronchitis by facilitating their breathing. If it is mixed with other natural ingredients, the effect to breathe better is superior.

Types of honey

There are many types of honey and each one can have different properties. Its flavor is something different and can also be used in the kitchen to offer new textures on the palate.

Flower honey is the most widespread and popular. It is made of the pollen of different species of flowers, and is usually used to improve the immune system, ending with asthma, allergies and colds.

In this case, the taste may be somewhat stronger. The sage honey It is one of the new additions, since combining the properties of honey with the excellence of sage provides a great strength to treat various respiratory problems and improve mood.

The Jerusalem thorn honey It is not too common, but it has improvements because it reduces bad cholesterol and strengthens the immune system. For its part, the lavender honey It offers an unparalleled fragrance and provides calcium, cleanses the lungs and improves digestion. The rosemary honey It has a color somewhat lighter than the rest, and is recommended to combat stress and stomach ulcers. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesSweeteners

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