How long do homemade milks last?

As we have already told you in several moments, there is no doubt that the vegetable milks  they are excellent options and completely natural alternatives to milks of animal origin, especially recommended for those who wish to consume natural beverages made from seeds, cereals or nuts, or are lactose intolerant.

On the one hand, they are natural drinks that stand out for their high nutritional content, thanks in greater measure to their contribution in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Although today we can find an interesting diversity of vegetable milks in supermarkets and stores, they can be easily made at home. On previous occasions we have talked about how to make walnut milk, sesame milk, hazelnut milk or canary milk.

But if you dare to make some of these drinks, you may wonder what is its duration; that is, for how long we can take it once we have prepared them.

First, we must bear in mind that it is a 100% natural product, so it does not have preservatives or additional additives. Therefore, its duration is limited.

Usually the average duration of the vegetable milks that we elaborate in house is of 2 to 3 days, although always that we conserve them in bottles of glass well closed can last some days more.

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